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Glass is one of the most versatile materials used in the building industry today. As a cladding, glass is waterproof, light and easy to install and, as an office partitioning, it provides effective semi-permanent walling. Glass is also the perfect substrate for decorative film.

In modern architecture, glass has become a blank canvas for designers to create stunning walls of colour and texture, that also allow for varying levels of privacy and light-flow to interiors.

Cooltone provides you with a full ‘in-house’ design and precision-cutting service to ensure your next pane of glass will be as unique as your home.



Our range of pre designed graphic prints are perfect to add style and privacy to your office space, view the design and pattern range here.

Obscure & Privacy Films

From simple frosted glass panels that give privacy to businesses, to elaborate precision cut designs that create ambience and character, there’s a window film solution for all your glass panels.

Benefits of Decorative Films

Increased privacy without loss of light

In-house design and precision cutting

Versatile, attractive & distinctive


Change your design whenever you want

Versatile & Attractive

They are perfect for privacy, decorative and architectural applications. Decorative films are intended for use on interior glass and the inside surface of exterior windows. Decorative Films can easily be used to create a custom solution for any corporate, retail or residential environment. Convenient application & easy care installed by Cooltone’s trained professionals. Once applied, the films function as permanent solutions, but can easily be removed as needs or styles change. Care is simple, films may be washed with common, non-abrasive cleaning solutions. The warranty period for Decorative Films starts from 5 years.

Features of decorative films

  • Architectural applications
  • Privacy and decorative
  • Window graphic applications
  • Emulates etched or sand blasted glass
  • Durable vinyl and polyester films
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be removed when required


Decorative Films
Decorative Films
Decorative Films
Decorative Films
Decorative Films
Decorative Films
Decorative Films
Decorative Films

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