Casper Cloaking Film


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Casper Cloaking Film and Technology, is a specially designed Architectural window film which obscures LED screens from outside view. Applied to the inner surface of a glass fixture of an office or meeting room, the Casper Cloaking Film will block outside view of all LED screens inside the office or meeting room.

This is great for corporate spaces that would like to retain the open feel of a common working area while retaining a level of privacy on sensitive information which may be displayed on the screen during a meeting.

The retrofit solution is common place in financial institutions and media outlets to ensure they retain the feel of an open working environment and protect sensitive information and data.

The glass film is the latest in privacy technology in commercial and corporate applications, Cooltone is one of the only providers in Australia with installation licensing.


Casper Cloaking Film
Casper Cloaking Film
Casper Cloaking Film
Casper Cloaking Film
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