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‘Duty of care’ is a phrase that is used more than ever in contemporary society. From a basic awareness of risk to complex threat assessment, building managers must take into account the safety of people in and around the built environment.

Glass is often considered the weakest point in a building. If windows are broken during extreme weather or as a result of an unforeseen event, flying shards of glass can cause major damage and serious injury. This can be avoided by installing clear safety film that is designed to maintain the panel of glass in one piece following impact.

In the case of a break in, security film makes it harder for burglars to penetrate the glass and gain access, acting as a deterrent and protecting your family, home and/or business.

Cooltone provides a range of films to deal with the specific nature of any hazard or threat. From film designed to bring old glass up to the current Australian Standard (AS1288), to bomb blast film for high-threat public spaces, we have an advanced solution to your risk assessment.



The adhesive technology in safety & security films allows the film to bond tightly to the glass and therefore hold shattered glass together in the event of breakage. This makes safety films suitable for a wide range of applications.



The below resource is provided by the QLD police service, it showcases reported unlawful entry crimes in the local government area of Brisbane. You can search your own suburb below. It’s a grim reminder that even in this great state criminals are still very active.


Benefits of Safety & Security Films


Holds shattered glass together

Clear protection maintains light & vision


Increased safety & security

Multiple residential, commercial & community applications

In the home

  • Safety film on your windows makes your home safer by reducing the risk of cuts from broken glass or flying glass when the glass is broken.
  • Security film makes it harder for burglars to penetrate the glass and gain access, acting as a deterrent and protecting your family and home.

In commercial businesses

  • Safety film on your business’ windows and glass walls, protects your employees and customers, should the glass ever be broken.
  • Security film makes it harder for burglars to penetrate the glass and gain access, acting as a deterrent and protecting your business.

In food processing plants

  • Food manufacturing and packaging factories have an obligation to the public to prevent any foreign matter entering their foods.
  • Safety film can be applied to all glass around these areas thus removing the risk of glass entering the products if a pane of glass is broken.

In schools & nursing homes

  • Schools and nursing homes are two places where people are prone to falls. Safety film on glass prevents students and the elderly from getting cut should they fall into glass.
  • The safety film is applied to the inside of glass thereby protecting people from broken glass on the outside of the pane.

In family day care

  • With child care in demand many homes are being established as family day cares. Child safety is very important and regulations apply to glass which is located in all homes that provide family day care.
  • Understandably glass that was normally not required to meet the safety code now does. For example, low level glass, glass tv cabinets, glass tables etc.

In storm prone areas

  • Applying safety film to your glass makes your glass less dangerous in the event of high winds and storms. It also helps to reduce the risk of flying glass, thereby protecting you and others.

In blast zone areas

  • Although most of us do not live in high-risk blast areas, home and workplace explosions still occur. Safety film on glass protects people from flying shards of glass in the event of blasts.

On pool balustrades

  • The pool area is a perfect example of where glass can be broken easily. Applying safety film to the glass fencing reduces the risk of not only personal injury but also glass entering the pool if broken.
  • If broken glass enters the pool it is almost impossible to find – the pool will need to be emptied to remove all glass pieces

On balcony balustrades

  • Safety film applied to glass balcony balustrades protects people on both sides of the glass, without obscuring views.
  • In the event of a breakage, the glass would be held together by the film with no pieces flying off down below into the path of innocent bystanders.

Standards & Technical information

  • AS1288 – This Australian Standard applies to all glass in buildings.
  • AS2208 – This Australian Standard applies to glass and human impact i.e. safety of people in buildings.
  • Nickel Sulphide Inclusions. This compound is added to glass to make it safer. It is done in a process called ‘toughening’. Toughened glass when broken breaks in to thousands of tiny pieces thus removing the risk of dangerous sharp shards of glass.
  • However this process makes the glass more unstable and at risk of exploding. Applying safety film will hold the glass together if this happens.


Safety & Security
Safety & Security
Safety & Security
Safety & Security

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Long Lasting Protection
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