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Cootone has been given the privilege to showcase our work at the Build and Design Centre in the heart of Brisbane.

Our work in this space allows us to showcase our diverse range of services and available products. From our first operations in 1981 with residential tinting, we have grown and expanded to offering services for not only the household but commercial spaces as well.

When renovating a home or workspace, the average person considers fresh paint, new flooring and lighting fixtures. Modern adhesive films take finishing touches to the next level. From decorative frosted films in bathrooms for privacy to architectural adhesives on walls for the ultimate marble feature wall. Adhesive films provide budget-friendly options for premium finishes.

Our industry connections are vital for us to provide the greatest experience for all our clients. Cooltone has access to the Swiss Q Nyala 2 printer making authentic designs available in places such as hospitals, childcare centres and areas for vulnerable people.

The endless possibilities for customised designs can make choosing the right option for you difficult. How do you know what you want if you don’t know all your options? Our stand at the Build and Design Centre gives you the chance to come to speak with one of our representatives. Check out this page for more details.

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Cooltone have been leading the way for innovation in window films, graphics and design since 1981. Proudly family-owned and operated.
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