Quality products & personalised service

At Cooltone our commitment is to delivering quality products and personalised service. We tailor each project to suit each customer’s individual needs and budget. So whether it’s a small or large job, our team can help with expert knowledge and advice. That’s why Queensland home and business owners have been choosing Cooltone for 40 years.

The Cooltone service experience

Every project is important to us. Whether it’s a small home or a multi-story apartment complex, we take the same care and diligence with every window film installation. Our sales staff will always advise you upon the best product for your needs and budget. Our installation staff will ensure your window film is applied in a prompt and professional manner.
At Cooltone we aim to build lasting relationships with our customers. So we can help if you ever need aftersales support, a new installation or general window film advice. We strive to deliver the best quality products and the best possible service. Because of this we are always looking for innovative new products and ways to improve our service.

Our installation process

Each installation carried out by Cooltone is tailored to individual requirements. Therefore the exact process will be slightly different from project to project. However, as an example, these are the steps involved in a typical interior window film installation.


Step 1: Clean & clear

First we prepare the window area, by removing nearby furniture and objects.
We then thoroughly clean the glass’ interior using a mild cleaning solution; this is to remove dirt and other residue.


Step 2: Window film application

Before applying the window film, we wet the glass with a mild solution. After that, we place the film against the glass.
We then use a squeegee to remove excess solution between the glass and the film.
Lastly we trim the film to the gasket, rubber or timber glazing bead.


Step 3: Fit & finish

In this last step we re-squeegee the window one more time to ensure that the film is lying flat.
Then we wipe the film clean, to ensure a stunning final result.
We finish by replacing furniture to its original positions and clearing the work site of all tools and equipment.
All of our installations are carried out by fully trained and accredited installers. They will fit your film to the highest standards, ensuring both the long-lasting performance of your film, and your peace of mind.

Cooltone have been leading the way for innovation in window films, graphics and design since 1981. Proudly family-owned and operated.
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