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Graffiti and vandalism are unfortunately growing issues in the community. For facility managers, this problem causes visual damage to buildings and structures, and usually demands costly removal or repair.

An innovative approach to the problem sees clear anti graffiti film, an invisible and tough layer of film installed onto glass, stainless steel, marble or perspex to protect the substrate from damage by absorbing the graffiti into the film.

Simple removal and replacement of the anti graffiti film, rather than expensive and time-consuming clean-up or total replacement, makes economic sense and ensures a quick response to the visual aspect of the problem.

Cooltone can provide cost-effective anti graffiti and vandal-protection solutions for your building or structure before this malicious problem damages more than your bank account.

Benefits of Anti Graffiti Films

Clear protection maintains light & vision

Apply to glass, stainless steel, marble or perspex


Easy to remove & replace

Save time & money

Solar Gard Graffitigard

At Cooltone we choose to supply quality Solar Gard anti graffiti films. Products in the Graffitigard anti graffiti range provide a durable and optically-clear barrier between your windows and the damage of vandals.

 Graffitigard can be installed on:

  • Interior glass
  • Exterior glass
  • Mirrors
  • Stainless steel
  • Marble

The film, which works as a ‘sacrificial’ layer absorbs damage from spray paint, permanent markers, key etchings and more. After vandalism occurs, the sacrificial layer is removed, leaving your surfaces graffiti-free.


3M Anti-graffiti film

Like Solar Gard Graffitigard, 3M anti graffiti films provide a sacrificial layer which absorbs the effects of vandalism, as well as various intentional and accidental damages.

3M films protect against:

  • Spray paints
  • Permanent markers
  • Key scratchings
  • Some acid etchings
  • Gouges

These films are commonly applied to business windows (interior and exterior). They can also be applied to elevators, escalators, bathroom mirrors, and glass counter-tops.

Why choose Cooltone for anti-graffiti coatings

At Cooltone we have been supplying and installing quality products for Queensland home and business owners for 30 years. Over that time we’ve built our reputation on quality products and superior service.

Our philosophy is geared around delivering personalised service, and quality products to fit a varying range of objectives and budgets. So whatever your needs and budget, we can help.

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Anti Graffiti Films
Anti Graffiti Films
Anti Graffiti Films
Anti Graffiti Films

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Vanquish vandals
Protects property from vandalism
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