Safety Films for Storm Season

With storm season just around the corner, Queenslander’s around the state are getting storm ready. As the state government urges residence throughout the state to invest in measures to be ready for a variety of circumstance from flooding, strong winds, power outages and more, Cooltone are 100% behind the state governments push to be storm ready, you can view the state governments main site here.

Protecting your family through this time is a major concern for a lot Queenslander’s and taking the right measures are important one of the most effective safety measures you can take is using a high quality safety film, applied to the flat glass window surfaces throughout your home, safety films minimise breakage and shattering of glass windows and doors. Protecting you and your family from injuries that can be cause by glass being smashed from, storm debris, hail and strong winds.

An added benefit of safety glass if the additional security provided to your home, safety glass is much more difficult to break and can prevent or even stop intruders from being able to enter your home in the event of a attempted break in.

Cooltone have a variety of safety films available in several brands, we recommend 3M™ for a superior film, the patented technology of interwoven micro layers of polyesters within the film, is a design which is unique to 3M™.  The design of the film minimises the effects of storm damage to glass windows by holding the shattered glass together, this maintains the integrity of the glass during a storm to storm the wind and additional debris from entering the window.

We have a variety of 3M™ Safety films, some which include solar and UV minimising properties and have clear finishes to darker tint.

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How to stay warm in winter and cool in summer with 3M Thinsulate

As we all know, the Australian climate is one of extremes and, as a result, our energy use can vary wildly, peaking in most states during our hot summers, as we struggle to keep homes and work spaces at a comfortable temperature. And, of course, the result of turning up the air con for both businesses and home owners is higher energy bills.

The issue is that, in Australia and New Zealand, 30% of the energy used to cool or heat a building goes straight out the window, something that cannot be prevented even with the use of blinds or shutters. Of course, double- or triple-glazing glass dramatically reduces this energy loss, but the cost of retro-fitting homes or offices is prohibitive.

An economical and effective solution is in reach, however, with the application of 3M’s ThinsulateTM Climate Control Window Film. This remarkable product works in two ways — it not only has Low Emissivity (‘Low E’), which means it is designed to reflect radiant heat away from windows, rather than allowing the glass to absorb it, ThinsulateTM also prevents radiant heat from transferring from one side of the glass to another, keeping hot air outside in summer and warm air inside in winter.

In fact, applying ThinsulateTM to a single-pane window improves its insulation value to close to that of a double-pane, and improves a double-pane close to a triple-pane, which represents a significant reduction in energy loss, and the associated reduction in the cost of your energy bills.

Another huge advantage of 3M’s ThinsulateTM is that it blocks up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays from penetrating your windows, which increases personal comfort and prevents fading of carpets, curtains, upholstery and timber floors, preserving the value and appearance of your interior. And the window film doesn’t change the view from your windows, as it is virtually invisible.

Overall, 3M’s ThinsulateTM Climate Control Window Film is one of the most cost-effective ways you can transform your home or office that is not only comfortable all year round, but is energy efficient and saves you money.

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Download 3M’s Brochure on ThinsulateTM for Residential Applications here.

Download 3M’s Brochure on ThinsulateTM for Commercial Applications here.

UniTab Head Office, Albion QLD

With larger than usual plate glass windows and a requirement for high solar energy rejection, the refurbishment of the Unitab Head Office posed a unique challenge for Cooltone.


Unitab’s priority was finding a solution to their soaring energy costs, with 2100m2 of window coverage and deteriorating venetian blinds a major contributor to the increase in energy usage. To meet the client’s needs, Cooltone had to identify a product that had a conservative Solar Absorption performance, while at the same time maintaining a high rate of Solar Energy Rejection.


Cooltone settled on SolargardTM ST20 Neutral as the answer to Unitab’s problem, as it rejects a massive 75% of Solar Energy on 6mm glass. Then, using site-specific data in the Demand Analyser, Cooltone was able to demonstrate that the initial investment in ST20 would be paid off in two years; after that, the client would make significant annual savings on energy costs.


An additional benefit of using the ST20 was in terms of window quality — Glare Rejection at 74% and UV Reduction at 99% — which improved access to the panoramic views and reduced the heavy glare on computer screens. And, while the Unitab Head Office had begun to look a bit dilapidated due to age, application of the ST20 film has now given it the appearance of an up-to-date architecturally-designed building.

Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Herston QLD

When solar glare started to interfere with the vital research undertaken at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR), Cooltone came up with a solution.


Now one of Australia’s preeminent medical research facilities, QIMR started life in 1945, in temporary buildings that had previously housed US armed forces. Since then, with significant philanthropic support, QIMR has expanded across three state-of-the-art buildings within the grounds of the Royal Brisbane Hospital.


In 2006, Cooltone was approached to retrofit the Clive Berghofer Cancer Research Centre building with tinted film, to reduce the glare that was getting in the way of the research being carried out at the centre.


As the original windows were green body tinted laminated glass, Cooltone needed to be sensitive to the amount of thermal activity created once a film was applied. This meant there was a limitation on the number of films that could be used.


To find the best solution for the client, Cooltone undertook an energy audit using Bekaert’s Demand Analyser. As a result, SolargardTM True Grey 20 was identified as the best product for the job, reducing glare while maintaining sufficient light levels for the important research to continue unhindered.

RACV Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast, QLD

Refurbishing the external balustrades on a 16-storey resort is no mean feat, but this is exactly what Cooltone were faced with at the RACV’s Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast.


The client had identified that the safety film on the balustrades was deteriorating and needed to be replaced, which had to be achieved without impacting on the spectacular views.


Cooltone chose to strip the existing film and replace it with ArmorgardTM C90 100 micron clear Safety Film, in order to maintain the safety levels in each of the 192 units.


The project had some big hurdles, such as a 12-month installation period so the resort could keep trading. Each floor was vacated one at a time for a short period, meaning that Cooltone’s coordination with the builder needed to be precise.


The height of the building and the external nature of the job meant that work had to be carried out early in the morning, to avoid problems with wind, and periods of bad weather slowed the installation.


Despite these challenges, Cooltone met the 12-month deadline and Royal Pines Resort could rest easy in the knowledge that their balustrades were up to scratch.