Window films offer many benefits for homes, offices, and establishments. However, even as most types of window films provide the same set of benefits regardless of where they are used, each place has certain characteristics. You may have to use a specific type of window film that meets your needs.


  1. Solar Control window film

As its name implies, this type of window film is intended to reduce glare and radiation coming through the windows. Most people buy this type of film because of its purpose. With a solar control window film, you can keep your indoor temperatures cool without having to use curtains and blinds. This type of window film also lets in natural light and keeps your view of the outside unobstructed. Solar control window films also make it easier to watch TV or read text on laptop screens because it reduces glare.

Because of the way it keeps off infrared and UV radiation, solar control films can help you cut on energy costs. Your air conditioner would consume less energy as it would be easier for your cooling unit to maintain tolerable temperatures. Less energy consumption means lower electricity bills.

The UV radiation can cause your furniture, flooring, window treatments, artwork, and other furnishings to look dull and faded. With a solar control window film, you can keep the UV out of your room, protecting the surfaces of your interior and fixtures.


  1. Decorative window film

If you want to recreate a cathedral window style in your room, you can use decorative window film. It can come in many shapes and designs, such as snowflakes, frosted textures, and a kaleidoscope of colors. You have many styles and options to choose from, and you can use one that fits your style. You can even have a custom-designed window film for advertising, branding, or attracting the attention of passersby.

Decorative films can also help reduce glare, similar to a solar control window film. Its textures can be designed to diffuse the intensity of sunlight as it strikes one’s eyes. It is also a quick and cheap fix for homeowners or establishment owners to conceal unflattering parts of their building’s interior. Decorative films can also be used to add privacy to interior spaces such as the bathroom.


  1. Security window films

Security window films let shattered glass break intact, reducing or eliminating the formation of shards that can harm anyone who happens to be near the window when it breaks. These films are sturdy that it can keep your windows together even as an accident or projectiles such as hailstones, balls, or rocks shatter the glass’s surface. Some types of window film are so strong that they can even render a window bullet-proof. This type of window film is the most expensive among the three types of window films.

Some security window films make the windows appear opaque when viewed from the outside, although it can retain the view of the outside from within. Depending on your privacy needs, you can have a window film that essentially blocks you from view.

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