You’ve heard of the benefits window tints bring to any space—from creating a cooler environment to saving your electricity bills. As a result, you’ve probably pondered on the idea of tinting your home’s windows. There’s no doubt that questions are lingering in your mind.

Let’s address eight frequently asked questions that will help you understand the product and the process of your residential window tints.

“Are window tints expensive?”

There are many different factors when it comes to pricing, such as quality and type of film. Not only that, but the installation process will also come at a cost—how many windows you want to put a film on, window size, and more. That said, residential window tinting is generally affordable for the average homeowner. Talk to your local provider for a more accurate quote on window tints or get in touch with us for some advice!

“Can window tints actually help me save money on electric bills?”

Yes! Window films act as a layer of protection against sunlight and will also keep out the heat. Aside from that, it keeps the in-house temperature inside, giving your heaters or air-conditioning units less work to do.=

“Are there laws on how window tints like there are for auto tints?”

There are no laws dictating how dark or how light your residential window tints must be. Therefore, you can install whatever darkness of window tints that you would like. That said, some homeowner associations have their own regulations on what you can do to your home. If you belong to any, be sure to ask in regards to tinting your windows.

“Can I clean my home’s windows normally?”

The simple answer is yes, you can clean your home’s windows normally. However, you’ll have to use the right tools. A simple wipe down with soapy water and a soft, warm cloth will do. Do not use any strong cleaning chemicals (especially those that contain ammonia) or tools that can scratch the film. Take note that if you’re planning to clean the windows right after installing them, only do so after 72 hours to allow them to cure, or stick to your window correctly.

“Are window films installed inside or outside of the window?”

Most window films are installed on the interior side because it is where it is most efficient. At the same time, the window itself keeps the film safe from outside weather—rain, wind, and more— that could’ve damaged the film if it were installed on the exterior.

“Does window tint reduce glare on computer and television screens?”

Yes, window tints are known and used to reduce glare on screens. Whether you’re looking to get some work done or enjoy your favourite reality show, good window tints will certainly make it easier to do so!

“Will window tint make my home very dark?”

No, it will not. Window tints still allow light to enter your space. In fact, it may brighten your home even more, as you won’t need to use curtains or blinds anymore.

“Do I really need a professional to help install my window tints?”

Although you can do it yourself, we do not recommend it. The smallest mistake can result in high costs, and you don’t want that. Once the film gets damaged, there is no way to repair it. With a professional’s help, you can be sure that the window film is installed correctly on the first try.

Excited to go out and buy some window tints? Before doing so, make sure that it does exactly what you want it to do, as there are many types of window films out there. And with that, we hope that your questions in regards to window tints have been answered once and for all.

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