Window tinting has many benefits, from UV protection and privacy to comfort. One particular benefit of window tint that is often overlooked, is the fact that it can cut down your energy spendings significantly.

In this article, we’ll talk about how window tinting can help you save your money on electricity bills and other expenses.


How does window tinting save money?

It’s true that window tinting is not without any initial investment, as high-quality window films can cost a fair amount of money. However, the payoff is almost always worth it. As mentioned, window films can help to prevent heat and UV rays from coming through the windows, which in itself is a great benefit. UV rays can harm your furniture, causing fabrics such as plastic and leather to fade and crack. This, in turn, means that you will have to spend money to have them fixed. UV rays can also harm your skin, even causing severe diseases such as skin cancer. We shouldn’t have to mention how much money you would have to spend to treat that!

Last but not least, window tinting can help to reduce solar heat gain in your home by up to 80%, given that you use top quality window films. You won’t have to worry about having your AC running at full capacity throughout the whole summer, as the window films will help to keep your property cool throughout the hottest months.


How much money can I save? 

Now that you know how window films can help save money, let’s move on to how much you can actually save after you’ve tinted your windows. Typically, the amount of money you will save will depend solely on how comfortable you feel in your home and the degree of damage that has been caused in your home. For example, if you need to have your wooden floor re-lacquered every few years due to sun damage, window films can actually help to extend the lifetime by up to ten years! This alone can help to save you a considerable amount of money and time.

Additionally, it’s not uncommon to see top-quality window film cut your energy bills by up to 20% year on year, which can add up very quickly. Window films are an initial outlay in the first instance, to have it installed and purchased, but when you weigh up the savings incurred through other expenses the buy back period is one of the best when it comes to HVAC options, you will see that the investment will pay for itself within just a few short years after installation.


It’s a worthwhile long-term investment

When you’re looking to assess how much window films are worth, you also have to consider the added monetary value of your property. You can include the cost of the window films into the property value, allowing you to sell your home at a higher price when you decide to do so. This combined with the benefits you’ve already had from the films, it’s easy to see why having your home windows tinted is a worthwhile investment.

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