Some lesser known uses of Glass Window Films

Changing your curtains or your window blinds is the best way to redecorate your windows. However, if you want to be unique, you can try being more creative with your window film. Nevertheless, you will soon find out that changing your window film is not just for decorative purposes. Let us check out the fantastic benefits of window films for your window.


Hide the Items Behind your Pantry


Using glass for your cabinet doors is popular. However, seeing the items behind those glass windows could be extremely ordinary. Using window films to cover up the kitchenware and other items in your pantry could add up a new twist to your space. This is a simple strategy to make your pantry look tidier. Also, the right kind of window film can help match the design of the cabinet doors, which will add appeal to your overall kitchen decor.


Privacy to your Shower


Glass doors in your shower are a classy idea for your bathroom. It gives the impression that this area is for everyone. This is best for newlyweds. However, later, if you need a little more privacy as the family grows, adding up window films to the sliding glass door of your shower room would be an excellent decorative idea. You could also save money from changing your shower door entirely with this strategy.


Control the Glare From Skylights


Skylights and high accent windows can provide natural lights in your home. However, too much UV rays may come in with this design. Most window treatments to solve this problem can be pricey. You can easily use window films to control the glare that gets in your house. You can still have that natural light without spending too much on other window treatments.


One-Way Mirror Privacy


If you want to have some privacy but still see what’s going on in one part of your house, you can have a one-way mirror installed in this area. This way, you can have that privacy without obstructing your view. This will give you that espionage feels, like the interrogation rooms from those thriller movies. It doesn’t just add up to your privacy, too, but it also provides you with a better monitoring advantage to your house.


Privacy despite Sidelight


Having a sidelight is a great decorative idea. However, it can make your home vulnerable to nosy neighbours. They can easily see what’s going on inside your house. Having window films can give you the desired lighting effect and privacy you need. Make sure you choose a finish that can creatively complement how your front row looks like.



Glass doors can make your house look classier than usual. You can find glass doors in antique shops that can add up to your home’s character. However, if you need privacy or if you need to control the UV rays that come into the house, then putting the right style of window film is the best solution. It has excellent decorative, privacy, and UV ray control benefits that can make your house more efficient.

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Why You Should Hire a Professional Window Tint Installer – What to Know

When wanting to upgrade your windows, it is best that you install window tints that change the opacity of the glass and reduce the sunlight that enters your home. While placing window films is as easy as mounting it onto the glass, it pays to hire a professional to perform the task for you.

The main reason for this is that is the window tint is not installed by a professional or experienced installer a wide range of things can go wrong, one is bubbling the other is the tint applied is not suitable for what you are aiming to achieve (privacy or heat reduction etc) – these are just some genuine reasons as to why its a professional skill and recommend you hire a professional.

How to install window tints properly

There’s no unified way of installing window tints. Some films have an adhesive that becomes sticky upon getting wet. Because of this, the shades work like a wallpaper that stays in the glass after evenly spraying the window with water. Meanwhile, other films need heat to activate the adhesive on the back of the film.

It’s not enough to find a heat source and stick it onto the window. Instead, specialized tools and training help ensure that there are no air bubbles against the glass. This concern is the reason to delegate the task to a professional window tint installer. They ensure that you receive the best results by completing the process quicker and without any concerns.


Six benefits of window tints

  1. Keeping it cool – These tints help maintain cooler room temperatures by blocking a portion of the sun’s rays, especially ultraviolet radiation. In return, your home’s interior remains comfortable even during the intense summer heat.
  2. Save on electricity expenses – Aside from cooling your home, window tints can also reduce your energy bills, especially if you live in warm-weather areas. A study revealed that window tints can reduce energy consumption by about 30 per cent annually, which is a considerable sum of money. In the long run, the savings on electricity will compensate for the costs of installing window films.
  3. Maintain your air conditioning’s smooth operation – With window tints, you can afford to switch off your central air conditioning to maintain the room temperature. The air conditioning system will also function for an extended period because it’s not subject to wear and tear. With lower electricity rates and lesser need for air conditioning repairs, you will be able to delegate the extra money to other expenses or your savings.
  4. Boosts your property’s value – If you are looking to sell your property, window tints can add extra dollars to its value. Likewise, an energy-efficient home due to window films is a fantastic selling point, which increases the odds of selling quickly.
  5. Protects your furniture – Since window tints filter up to 99 per cent of UV radiation, your furniture will not fade due to sunlight. In contrast, energy-efficient windows can only block up to 40 per cent of the radiation, which is still harmful to your floors and other coloured surfaces.
  6. Shields your skin from damage – You can still get sunburn even if you are inside your house. Window tints block harmful ultraviolet radiation that can cause skin cancer after constant exposure. Prevention is the only way to address this concern because there is no treatment for the damage inflicted on your skin.

A window tint installer you can trust

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4 Cleaning Tips for Common Window Film Types

Window tinting has been widely talked about these days. A window tint is less porous than glass, so it doesn’t get dirty easily. For this reason, a window tint doesn’t require as much cleaning and maintenance when compared to normal windows. However, when the time comes, cleaning your tinted window films is imperative.

The good thing is, cleaning tinted windows is a relatively easy process. All it takes is cleaning with warm water and a mild detergent to keep your window tinting in good shape and condition. Take note that any abrasive cleaners, blades, or rough sponges are not advisable to be used in cleaning the window tints.

Below are common window tinting types. Keep on reading to learn four cleaning tips for your window tints.


  1. Cleaning Window Film

The rule of thumb with cleaning window films after tinting installation is to wait a week after installation to clean your tinted windows. As part of the curing process, you shouldn’t wash your window until the film has had enough time to cure. Once cured, take note of the following:

  • Prepare a mixture of dish soap and water
  • Apply the cleaner of your choice with a soft, lint-free cloth
  • Don’t use paper towels or other materials that might leave streaks behind
  • Use a rubber squeegee but be gentle and careful not to damage the film
  1. Cleaning Decorative Films

It’s worth knowing that a decorative film is more durable than other types of tinting. For this reason, regular cleaning is not necessary. Also, it is made up of vinyl material, so dirt and smudges aren’t noticeable. Consider the following cleaning tips:

  • Use lint-free cloths with mild soap and water. Other cleaning detergents like bleach or Windex can peel off the window tint
  • Using rough sponges or harsh cleaning agents is not advisable
  1. Cleaning Solar Tinting

Solar tinting is made from polyester material, meant to block UV rays and heat. However, it isn’t as durable as a decorative film. It is thinner and more transparent than other tints, allowing you to see the dirt and dust. That given, make sure to observe the following cleaning tips:

  • You might have to clean this type more than other types using the same cleaning solution and cloth material
  • Ammonia-based cleaners can discolour or ruin the film’s adhesion
  1. Cleaning Security Film

Security films are much clearer than other window tints that look almost the same as the regular glass. It allows sunlight into your home while providing extra protection. When it comes to cleaning, consider the following tips:

  • Clean as often as you would clean your normal window glass. It’s not hard to see smudges, dirt, and dust on this window film
  • Use lint-free cloths and mild detergents same as other window tinting types
  • Avoid ammonia-based cleaning products

There are several different types of window films available in the market today. We hope that the quick cleaning guide provided above for some of the most common types will help you perform the needful. Though your tinted window films require less maintenance, they deserve a little cleaning as well to be in good shape and to last for as long as possible.

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Home Window Tinting – Lifespan and Durability Factors

Installing tints on your windows comes with several amazing benefits. Tinted windows protect your home from sun damage, reduce heat build-up, and provide your house with additional security and privacy. With all these advantages, it’s no wonder many homeowners are excited to install these add-ons to their houses.

Despite the many benefits they offer, tinted windows require you to shell out cash that may not have been part of your home budget. Window films are additional expenses, which is why homeowners simply consider them items that would be nice to have. Before they take the plunge and make the purchase, property owners want to know their durability, life expectancy, and whether or not their investment will be worth it.

So, how long does window film last? Given the right conditions, window films can last for more than 20 years. However, the answer to the question depends on a lot of factors. In this post, we discuss how window tinting works and what determines its durability.


How Tints Work to Protect Your Home 

Technically, window tints aim to lower the amount of solar heat transmission getting into your home. The process is two-fold: window tints are designed to increase both solar absorption and solar reflection. Solar absorption refers to the heat trapped in the film, while solar reflection is the amount of heat it is able to bounce back or block from coming in.

Good-quality window films have built-in UV protection and heavy-duty coating to ensure that they’ll last for a long time. However, other factors come into play when it comes to their durability. We list them below:


1 – Quality and Type of Materials

There are different types of window tints available today, each one offering a different combination of opacity, brightness, colour, and thickness. The materials used matters a lot because they may require a specific installation. For instance, polyester-based films stick better to particular types of glass than others.


2 – Quality of Installation

 You may have the best type of window film, but it will simply go to waste if it’s not correctly installed. The services of a professional window tinting company ensure the best results for your windows. Professionals use specialized equipment and are trained to install films without trapping air bubbles inside the glass. Not only does this make the tinting job look better, but it also increases the tint’s durability.


3 – Climate and Location 

Homes with windows facing either east or west are usually hotter because they deal with sunrise and sunset every day. In these instances, the tints work harder to absorb and block solar transmissions. Due to the natural wear-and-tear, window tints in these conditions may fade faster and have a shorter life expectancy.

Installing tints for your home windows may be an additional expense, but when you consider other variables, you’re actually getting a higher return of investment. The good news is, most tint companies offer a lifetime warranty to their services. Therefore, if ever your window tints need minor repairs and adjustments, a skilled technician can assist you for free. This means you and your family will be able to enjoy your investment’s benefits for a very long time.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Install Frosted Window Films

Windows enhance the building’s beauty and provide functional benefits. There are different window types that can be installed at home or in the office. One window addition that you should know is a frosted window film. As the name suggests, frosted window films have designs applied to existing windows for unique frosted glass appearance. They are now commonly used for both commercial buildings and residential homes.

There are various reasons for homeowners and building owners to install such frosted window films. Below are four common reasons to invest in frosted window films, whether they are for your home windows or office building.


  1. For enhanced privacy

Frosted window films are excellent at providing offices and homes with a privacy barrier. The opaqueness of films installed creates a wonderful design for windows. They can range from near see-through to transparent to fully opaque. The films also vary in tones, colours, and designs. In most cases, frosted glasses are best for bathroom windows since they’re capable of blurring the inside. However, they can also be installed in other parts of the home or building. By using frosted window films, they can help increase privacy while allowing the natural light coming into the room.


  1. For energy efficiency


Frosted window films can be used to conserve energy by reducing the heat and temperature from getting into a room. They filter the sun’s rays during summer and keeps the cold out during the winter season. As a result, these can help reduce power consumption and conserve energy. If you want a window film that helps in controlling temperature and preserving energy, then the energy-control frosted window film will be your best option.


  1. For additional security


Apart from privacy, security is another benefit of installing frosted window films. They can provide added security to homes and offices by reducing the possibilities of injuries and damage to property. This is because they are sturdy enough to hold broken pieces of glass, should there be disasters or property crimes. If you’re looking to upgrade your properties with frosted window film, it’s best to contact a window tinting expert and have them install it for you.


  1. For aesthetic decorations


Lastly, frosted window films can enhance the aesthetics of any home or office. The advantage of frosted glass is that it has a unique style that doesn’t sacrifice any natural light from entering any space. Frosted window films are very versatile and can last for as long as possible. Apart from their functional benefits, however, frosted window films can add decorative elements to your windows, enhancing their overall look and appearance.


Frosted window films can be a great window addition to your home or office. Not only do they enhance the look of your decor and enable natural light to enter your space, but they also provide privacy and security, and an increase in energy efficiency.


As most companies have various types of tints, it’s best to consult your window tinting experts to see which will suit your home or commercial window needs.


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