Why Window Tinting Can Save You Money!

Window tinting has many benefits, from UV protection and privacy to comfort. One particular benefit of window tint that is often overlooked, is the fact that it can cut down your energy spendings significantly.

In this article, we’ll talk about how window tinting can help you save your money on electricity bills and other expenses.


How does window tinting save money?

It’s true that window tinting is not without any initial investment, as high-quality window films can cost a fair amount of money. However, the payoff is almost always worth it. As mentioned, window films can help to prevent heat and UV rays from coming through the windows, which in itself is a great benefit. UV rays can harm your furniture, causing fabrics such as plastic and leather to fade and crack. This, in turn, means that you will have to spend money to have them fixed. UV rays can also harm your skin, even causing severe diseases such as skin cancer. We shouldn’t have to mention how much money you would have to spend to treat that!

Last but not least, window tinting can help to reduce solar heat gain in your home by up to 80%, given that you use top quality window films. You won’t have to worry about having your AC running at full capacity throughout the whole summer, as the window films will help to keep your property cool throughout the hottest months.


How much money can I save? 

Now that you know how window films can help save money, let’s move on to how much you can actually save after you’ve tinted your windows. Typically, the amount of money you will save will depend solely on how comfortable you feel in your home and the degree of damage that has been caused in your home. For example, if you need to have your wooden floor re-lacquered every few years due to sun damage, window films can actually help to extend the lifetime by up to ten years! This alone can help to save you a considerable amount of money and time.

Additionally, it’s not uncommon to see top-quality window film cut your energy bills by up to 20% year on year, which can add up very quickly. Window films are an initial outlay in the first instance, to have it installed and purchased, but when you weigh up the savings incurred through other expenses the buy back period is one of the best when it comes to HVAC options, you will see that the investment will pay for itself within just a few short years after installation.


It’s a worthwhile long-term investment

When you’re looking to assess how much window films are worth, you also have to consider the added monetary value of your property. You can include the cost of the window films into the property value, allowing you to sell your home at a higher price when you decide to do so. This combined with the benefits you’ve already had from the films, it’s easy to see why having your home windows tinted is a worthwhile investment.

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How Solar Control Window Film Helps You Go Green

More often than not, people tend to think that “going green” means that they need to limit their plastic use, reuse paper, and toss trash into the right bin. However, there are many more ways to be more sustainable. Today, developers, architects, and property managers all over the world are beginning to go for innovative solutions pertaining to sustainability. Solar control window film is undoubtedly one of the best solutions to improve energy efficiency in office buildings.


Why Use Solar Control Window Film For Your Commercial Space?

Solar control window film can bring down energy costs, preserve energy, and make the people living in the building more comfortable. In Australia, buildings make up 40% of the country’s primary energy consumption. As for commercial buildings, windows account for 60% of the amount of heat energy used to maintain the indoor temperature. In order to reduce energy consumption in commercial spaces such as offices, hotels, health care facilities, and government buildings, the use of advanced technology window films is necessary. Listed down below are some of the ways that window film can help you “go green” in your workplace:


  1. Window Film Protects Against Harmful Rays

Temperatures can go up as high as 27 million degrees Fahrenheit at the core of the sun. Even though it may not seem like a huge problem as the sun is 92 million miles away, the UV rays emitted from the sun are what you should be afraid of. These harmful rays can have a great impact on commercial buildings and the people inside them. Solar control window film can do the following:

– Block up to 97% of infrared light

– Filter out as much as 99.9% of the sun’s UV rays from penetrating the window

– Minimize glare

– Retain the view with low interior and exterior reflectivity


  1. Window Film Uses Less Energy

As window film blocks out the heat of the sun, it also minimizes energy loss as well. Solar control window film preserves natural light and uses less electricity, reducing light pollution as a result. Moreover, window film minimizes energy use and allows more window treatment options. For instance, you can choose to give up blinds or curtains to get a clean, sleek look.


  1. Window Film Helps to Save Money

By significantly reducing the amount of heat getting through your windows, solar control window film can help you save a lot of money. It can reject heat and maintain the temperature inside the office at a comfortable level, reducing utility expenses in the process. In other words, not only will you get a more comfortable environment in your office, but you will also get to save more money in the long run as well. In about three years time, you should be able to save as much as the amount that you initially paid.


Contact Window Film Experts Today

As there are various types of window films on the market, it can be a challenge to find the right one. However, with the help of window film experts, you can find high-quality and affordable window film for your office.

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3 Main Benefits of UV Window Film

As a homeowner, you want to make sure that your home and everything in it is safe. Most homeowners often focus on coming up with the best security measures for that purpose.

However, they forget to think about the simplest method that can be a great asset to their home: window tinting. Although many people are aware of the benefits of window tinting, especially when it comes to their cars, they tend to not consider it as an option for their houses. There is a wide range of benefits that UV window film can offer, including:

  1. Protection Against Harmful Rays

In Australia, sun damage is one of the most common recurring issues for every homeowner. Sunlight can cause damage to your furniture, age wood, damage leather, as well as fade and discolour upholstery.

The damage may not be apparent and immediate, particularly if the furniture is new. Over time, however, the damage will certainly become more evident. Once the damage is done, there is little to nothing that you can do to reverse it.

If you want extra protection for your home, then residential window tinting is for you. UV window film is one of the easiest ways to protect your home from harmful UV rays from the sun while also increasing a visual appeal to your windows.

By installing UV window film to your windows, you are adding a layer of protection to safeguard your belongings against harmful rays. It is imperative that you have the tinting in place as soon as possible so that your belongings will get the protection that they need, saving your belongings from long-term damage.


  1. Increased Levels of Comfort

 Not only is window tinting great for improving aesthetic appeal, but it is also an incredible way to keep your home cool – the same way that window tinting can help cool off your car. This means that window tinting can keep your home’s temperature at a comfortable level, which is especially important in the summer.

Also, having a lot of natural light in your home can be both a good and a bad thing. While it does give you lovely illumination and an amazing view, it can turn some parts of your home into tropical areas. UV window film can help these areas to be more pleasant all-year-round.

With a more comfortable environment, you will be more likely to succeed in hosting house parties and spending quality time with friends and family. This is something that everyone can appreciate, including your guests.


  1. Cost-Saving

Despite the rising popularity of residential window tinting in Australia, some people still see it as a luxury, not a smart investment. As you are most likely going to exploit your air conditioner during the hottest months, your utility bills may increase exponentially.

With the added comfort provided by window film, you will end up saving extra cash as well. This economic benefit is one of the many reasons why homeowners are starting to opt for window tinting more and more over the past years.

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How Window Film Saves You Money – What to Know

Residential window film comes with a number of benefits for homeowners. They provide an extra layer of protection against glare, UV exposure, and excessive heat, minimizing the need to turning down the air conditioner in the summer and save energy expenses in the process. With the right window film, you can reap all the benefits that it has to offer. As utilities are typically the biggest source of energy consumption in a household, it makes economical sense to install window film as it can reduce utility costs – regardless of the season. Let’s take a look at the benefits of window film in more detail.

  1. Reduces Energy Expenses

Normal windows without any treatment allow the heat from the sun to have control over your home’s temperature. On sunny days, your house may have some hot spots that require significant amounts of energy to fix. With the addition of solar window film, you can gain back your control over the temperature inside your house, which can substantially reduce your energy expenses.

  1. Provides Consistent Temperature

Excessive heat from the sun can cause inconsistency in the indoor temperature. You may find that some areas of the house feel just like greenhouses while others stay cool and unaffected by the sun. Window film can help you have an even temperature across the rooms in your home. This will make you more comfortable as well as take some load off your HVAC system.

  1. Reduces Glare

Glare can interfere with your ability to look at the computer screen, read a book, watch a TV, and carry out other household tasks. Window tint comes with an ability to reflect glare away from your home, allowing you to do your tasks more productively and comfortably.

  1. Protects You Against UV Rays

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is one of the major causes of non-melanoma skin cancer. As window tint can block up to 99% of UV rays, everyone in the household can be safe from these harmful rays and the risk of skin cancer becomes lower as well.

  1. Improves Security

Everyone wants to feel safe in their own home. Window film, particularly specially designed security films, can add a layer of security to your home. These films are able to hold broken glass together, which makes it harder for burglars to get into your house through a window.

  1. Enhances Safety

Attempted burglary, harsh weather, or an accident can all easily break your window. Again, window films that hold broken shards together will not shatter and make a mess everywhere in the room. This way, you and your family will stay safe inside the house and avoid injury.

  1. Requires Minimal Maintenance

As window film is resistant to water and scratch, maintenance has never been easier. That being said, all types of window films need different cleaning methods and solutions, and so you want to make sure that you know how to properly clean your film.

  1. Enhances Privacy

Windows provide a view to the outside world, which is one of the many things they are good for. That being said, you do not want strangers to look inside your home through the same windows. Privacy window film is designed to provide you with the privacy that you need by preventing people from seeing in.

  1. Increases Aesthetic Appeal

If you are renovating your home, then now is the perfect opportunity to install a new window film. Window film will not only improve your home’s performance but also enhance your overall curb appeal.

If you’re looking for a professional window tinting service, Cooltone is your best option. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.


Some Unknown Benefits of Window Tinting

A thin layer that is applied to the glass windows is known as a tint film. Window tinting has become very popular due to a wide range of benefits that come with it.

This explains why you would find that most offices and houses now have a tint film on their windows. Not only can window tinting provide you with more privacy and better security, but it can also offer the following benefits:


  1. Protects You From the UV Rays


One of the main benefits of window tinting is the ability to protect against UV light. As the tint film serves as a protective layer, it does a great job blocking the harmful UV rays from the home or office. Too much UV exposure from the sun can damage your skin as well as increase the risk of skin cancer.


Moreover, the UV rays can disrupt your ability to drive. As the glass screen reflects the light from the sun, it is more difficult for you to see things while driving. Tinted windows can help you prevent these problems, lowering the risk of skin cancer and allowing you to have a safe drive.


  1. Keeps the Upholstery From Fading


Another great benefit of getting window tinting on your home or office windows is that it can protect the upholstery. Not only can UV rays harm you, but they can also cause damage to your upholstery as well. Due to constant exposure to the UV rays, your upholstery can fade. To prevent your upholstery from fading as well as extend the life of your windows, you should consider getting a tint film on your windows as soon as you can.


  1. Keeps the Inside Air Cool


Many people decided to apply tint films on their windows as an effort to keep their houses and offices cool. The tint films can absorb the heat from the sun and prevent the rays from getting past them. When you come back into the house after going out for the whole day, you will find that your home is very hot, and it can take a long time to cool down.


With tint films installed on your home windows, you can rest assured that your home will remain cool even when you are not home. Moreover, window tinting can prevent you from exhausting your air conditioner as well, which means that your AC unit will continue to work efficiently for a long period of time.


  1. Holds the Glass Together


Although the tint film appears extremely thin, it is actually highly effective in protecting your window glass from breaking. When the glass breaks, the tint film can keep the shards and glass particles in place. This means that, when your windows are hit with something solid, you will not see any broken shards – only cracks. This way, you can be assured that you, your kids, and your pets will be safe from flying glasses or broken pieces of glass in case the window is broken.


If you’re looking for a professional window tinting service, Cooltone is your best option. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.