5 Valuable Benefits of Window Graphics for Your Business

Window graphics are an excellent way to convey a message that will resonate well with your target audience. Whether it’s a striking image, brand promotion, or even public announcement, it can quickly and easily grab the attention and stir the interest of passersby. For this reason, most companies consider utilising window graphics for their business. 

Printed graphics are a spectacular way of displaying vital information and designing your windows, walls, and partitions. All it takes is to have an artist or designer bring your vision to life with the aid of advanced digital printing technology.

If you are looking for new ways to boost sales and increase brand awareness, opting for glass graphics is a worthy option. In this article, we will share five valuable benefits of window graphics for your business:

1. Business image and professionalism

If you want to boost your business image and reputation, you can do so by installing window graphics that say much about your company. At the same time, make sure that you veer away from replicating an office or business establishment that looks dull and boring. Having printed graphics on your windows can make your commercial property look visually appealing, sophisticated, and elegant. Just be sure to carve an image of professionalism in your designs.

2. Privacy 

If you have a departmentalised office, then it makes sense to install window graphics for individual privacy. With this, you can prevent employees from looking at the meetings or activities in your conference room. Whether it’s partial or complete privacy, you can also prevent people from peeking at your office through these printed graphics. 

3. Brand awareness

If you want to market your brand, it’s practical to utilise window graphics for your business. Whether it’s a brand name, company logo, or business design, it can quickly and easily catch the attention of your target audience to boost your brand recognition. Just be sure that the message and designs incorporated on your window graphics clearly represent your brand and resonate well with your target market.

4. Product or service promotion

If you are about to launch a new product or promote an existing service, then you can take advantage of window graphics. At the same time, make sure to work with your digital marketing team and have your designers come up with effective graphics in selling your products or services. Likewise, the key here is to have a well-placed window graphic that will catch the attention of curious passersby.

5. Time and money savings

When it comes to your marketing efforts, window graphics are one of the most affordable ways to advertise, meaning that you won’t have to shell out a huge amount of money. Likewise, they aren’t time-consuming forms of marketing. All you have to do is to digitally design a graphic, print it, and install it on your windows. Ultimately, it can help you save money and time for your marketing endeavour.



At this point, you now know that there’s more to window graphics than meets the eye, as they aren’t just forms of art that can transform the look of your business. As discussed above, you can take advantage of the following—business image and professionalism, privacy, brand awareness, product or service promotion, and time and money savings. With all these valuable benefits, you have all the right reasons to install window graphics for your business.

We provide commercial and commercial window tinting in Brisbane, such as safety and security films, printed graphics, and decorative films. If you are looking for glass graphics for your windows, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

3 Reasons to Install Window Film in Your Workplace

Working a desk job means having to spend an average of five hours of your day glued to the computer, typing the time away. Sitting for long periods can impact your health over time. To boost overall well-being, it is best to create workspaces that are conducive to everyone’s health. 

One of the aspects that make an excellent workspace is access to natural light and outdoor views. Having these at your place of business can motivate your employees to become more productive and alert, prevent them from being absent, reduce their stress, and cut down your costs. You and your workers can enjoy all these benefits by seeking commercial window tinting.


How Does a Window Film Help You and Your Colleagues?

1. It can block out UV rays

Office tinting involves installing a window film that can help block out harsh UV rays produced by the sun. Excessive exposure to UV light can maximise your risk for sunburn and tanning that can damage the DNA that could lead to skin cancer. Also, this can cause premature ageing, such as dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

UV rays can reach you and your workers by bouncing off reflective surfaces and penetrating your office’s window glass. In other words, simply sitting next to a window glass on a sunny day can mean letting your skin get exposed and damaged by them.

The good news is that you can protect everyone from skin-damaging UV rays without having to sacrifice natural light in your office with window films. They typically last for at least a decade, and they come in varied tints for easier customisation according to your needs, preferences, and requirements. 

2. It can make your workspace more comfortable for everyone

Aside from the UV-blocking benefits that can filter up to 99.9 percent of UV radiation, some reasons why you should have your windows in your workplace tinted are reduced glare and make your office temperature cooler, helping you cut down your expenses on energy bills. You and your employees can also enjoy variety and stimulation during the day and see better for computer work and component assembly due to an abundance of natural light.

3. It lets you create a healthier working environment

Optimising natural light in your office can improve the health and wellness of your workers. Research by Cornell University Professor Dr. Alan Hedge showed that workers in daylight office environments reported that natural light in your workplace can reduce eyestrain, headaches, and drowsiness in the workers.

Having a healthy source of natural light and easy access to outdoor views can reduce stress, anxiety, and exhaustion among your workers. They can feel more alert, be motivated to become productive and produce better work attitude and output. Since they feel encouraged to go to work regularly, you can lower your absenteeism rate.



Window tints in the workplace play a major role in the overall health and performance of your employees more than you think, which is why installing them in your office is a great investment. When seeking window tinting services, reach out only to an established company.

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4 Reasons to Have Window Tints Installed in Your Home

Window tints are one of the best investments a homeowner could ever have in their home. It does not only give one or two benefits for a specific time of the year. Instead, it provides a myriad of benefits and keeps on giving every hour of the day! Yet, not many people are fully aware of the benefits of having tinted windows, which is why many have been on the fence about whether they should spend the extra money to darken their windows. 

If you are also skeptical of installing window tints in your home, here are four reasons to do so:


1. It enhances safety in the event of shattered glass

While built to be as durable as possible, your windows may or may not break throughout your time in the house. In the case that such an event does occur, a standard fixture without any tints will shatter everywhere, essentially becoming a safety hazard.

With window tints applied, not only will it take a bit more for the glass to break, but also once it does, the film keeps the glass as intact as possible. This means less pieces of glass flying everywhere and less risk of people getting injured.


2. It saves on electrical bills

One of the biggest reasons people apply window tints is for cost-saving measures, most notably, heating and cooling.

A great way to save on electricity bills in your home is to implement an excellent insulation solution. Unfortunately, the one place that is least insulated is perhaps your fixtures where the majority of heat or cold is lost. With window tints in place, however, this gives the fixtures an insulative property. While they will not keep your home 100% insulated, they will contribute quite significantly to reducing your monthly electric bills.


3. It increases your home’s overall security

Leaving the blinds closed all the time can make the house feel a little lonely. However, if you are looking for privacy, you may not have that unless you install window tints!

In other words, if you want to enhance your home’s security and privacy without feeling like you are locked away in another world, window tints are your best option. With this solution, you will still be able to leave the curtains drawn, allowing plenty of light in and a view to the outside. At the same time, the tints stop any outsiders from being able to peek into your home, reducing the chances of break-ins.


4. It reduces glare caused by the sun

Have ever tried watching television or working on the computer with the windows completely drawn open? If so, you may have experienced constant glaring. While this might just be passed as a nuisance, it actually hurts your eyes as it strains to see what is on the screen. 

An excellent way to help your eyes relax and make the pictures on the screen much easier to see is to tint the windows. That way, you can still leave the curtains drawn, allowing plenty of light to fill the room without having to deal with any glare. This enhances productivity and ensures you do not get hindered with a headache.



Despite the four reasons that we have shared, keep in mind that there are many more benefits of opting for window tints. For example, they stop harmful UV rays from reaching your furniture, stopping any chance of fading, as well as add value to your home by improving its curb appeal. Nevertheless, window tints are one of the best investments you can ever make and one of the investments that give you an excellent return due to all the benefits it has to offer. 

Cooltone is a provider of window tinting solutions to commercial and residential properties. If you are looking for reliable house window tinting in Brisbane, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

Fact vs Fiction – Debunking 3 Myths About Window Film Damages

As a property owner, you should aim to use energy efficiently. Opening your windows can help you cut down on your electricity bill while brightening up your rooms. However, although unobstructed windows give decent natural lighting, it can also lead to hotter indoor temperature, security vulnerabilities, and privacy concerns.

Window film treatment is an effective solution to the issues above. Unfortunately, its many detractors have different rumours and theories about its damaging effects on the integrity of your window units.


Debunking the myths about window film treatments

Window films help buildings to conserve energy while improving the window’s protective properties. Besides absorbing sunlight, window films can also provide increased protection against intense weather conditions that can scratch and damage your windows’ glass.

Although modifications to your windows or glass units have their risks, window film treatments aren’t always to blame for damages. Even so, many people have outrageous claims about the effects of film treatments that they discourage other homeowners from using it.

In this article, we will debunk three myths about the damages that film treatments can cause to your windows.


Myth #1: Film treatment causes window seal failures

A common myth that detractors of window treatments share is that tinting causes a window to have seal failures. Insulated windows use several panes sealed between layers of glass. Its multiple pane insulation keeps the outside heat from entering the property. Unfortunately, windows experience seal failure from wear and tear, whether they have a window film or not. The durability of your unit’s seal will depend on the type, material, and manufacturer of the product.

Myth #2: Film treatment causes thermal glass breakage

People attribute thermal stress with window film treatments because some products have insulating properties that absorb and reflect heat. Although it increases thermal energy, it’s not solely to blame for thermal glass breakage.

Improper installation of blockages, such as drapes and blinds, can leave a window unit vulnerable, even after applying the protective film. You should always consult with your building contractor to know how to pair your window’s tinting to protect it from environmental damage. You should learn how to properly apply window tinting to avoid putting stress on the glass.


Myth #3: Film treatment causes window discolouration

This myth has some truth to it, but only because sceptics of window film are unfamiliar with what it does. Films have different uses, which also apply unique shades to windows. Some of them are for decorative purposes to introduce different colours and palettes to complement your building’s design. On the other hand, other models have versatile benefits, such as UV-protection and increased insulation.

The rumour that film treatment causes window discolouration may be due to comparison with car tints. Poorly made car tints can indeed bubble and turn purple. However, high-quality window film uses metallised layers that do not discolour. These tinting treatments can last for over 25 years in the right conditions.



As a property owner, it’s your responsibility to include attachments that will benefit your building’s overall performance. When it comes to trying out new improvements to install, you should know the accurate information about these products before you buy them.

If you need to reinforce your windows, we install commercial and residential window tinting in Brisbane to increase your property’s protection and security. Our wide selection of treatments from cloaking film, glass tinting, and more can suit your different needs. Get in touch with us today to receive expert installation and high-quality products!

5 Remarkable Benefits of Tinting for Your Home Windows

Did you know that homeowners spend about $450 billion each year on home improvements? That’s actually a massive figure when you think about it! As there are various ways to remodel or renovate your home, why not spend a portion of your money installing tinted window films? Making your home’s window a priority is such a good investment that will pay itself off in the long run.

As you may or may not be aware, window tinting is an excellent approach to increase the overall functionality and aesthetic value of your home’s windows. Whether installing privacy, security solar, or decorative films, you can surely take advantage of its various benefits.

If you want to know more about window tinting before you purchase them, here are five remarkable benefits that come with it:

1. Safety and security

Statistics reveal that millions of home burglaries happen each year. For this reason, home security has become a top priority of many homeowners. However, did you know that something as simple as installing tinted window films can boost your home’s security? These tints prevent individuals outside from peeking into your home. Safety and security coatings also do not easily shatter when burglars try to break in. Even storms won’t easily impact windows with tinted films.

2. Privacy

Many homeowners consider installing window films for privacy purposes. Privacy films are ideal for the glass of your bedrooms and bathrooms. As mentioned, these coatings prevent people outside from taking a look at the inside of your home, yet they still allow you to have a view of the outdoor surroundings. Because of this, installing privacy films is a great way to gain privacy without compromising your view of the outdoors.

3. Temperature control and energy efficiency

Window tinting helps regulate the temperature at home by blocking the sun’s rays and reducing the heat that enters your space. As a result, you can ensure a comfortable environment inside your home. Likewise, your appliances won’t have to work harder to keep you cool and your home cosy, which ensures overall energy efficiency and less energy consumption. Most importantly, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate how window tints can help you save up on your monthly bills in the long run.

4. Glare reduction

It’s easy to fall prey on the sun’s glare, particularly when you watch TV or use your computer. The chances are that the rays can get into your humble abode and reflect on your screens and hurt your eyes. What’s good about tinted layers is how they can block the sun’s rays and significantly reduce the glare in your home. With these tints, you can leave your curtains open and watch a good flick without getting distracted.

5. Enhanced aesthetics

Apart from a boost in functionality, tinted coatings can also enhance the aesthetics of your windows. You can actually invest in decorative films to beautify them and give them an edge in increasing your home appeal. Whether you opt for frosted or etched glasses, you can take your home panes to the next level!



Your windows play a crucial part in the overall beauty and comfortability of your home. Installing tinted films is a great home improvement project to undertake. With these features in place, you can take advantage of the following benefits—safety and security, privacy, temperature control, glare reduction, and enhanced aesthetics.

At Cooltone, we provide commercial and residential window tinting in Brisbane, from safety and security films to printed graphics down to decorative films. If you are looking for quality tints that suit your specific needs, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!