Glass frosting is an effective way to provide privacy from onlookers while still allowing your employees enough light to see clearly. You can use it in boardrooms, offices, and other indoor spaces to create privacy for your workers. 

You may digitally print full-colour images onto it, or you can cut even your corporate logo into it. Frosted windows are a practical choice that helps you control what your employees do day in and day out.

Here are a few benefits of commercial window frosting that you should know about right now.

1. It Helps You Stand Out

Window frosting may help bring in new clients. Frosted windows catch the eyes of bystanders and make them aware of your business. A frosted window can subtly advertise your business, whether it is a window at the front of the store or the back. 

2. It’s Cost-Effective 

Frosted windows can improve a business’s image, and they cost less than replacing glass blocks. Frosted windows could increase profits for companies that use them effectively.

3. It’s Simple to Replace and Change

You can easily replace frosted windows without incurring huge expenses. Similarly, you can change its designs as you please. If you are in the market for a new look, you can quickly get rid of the old one in a matter of minutes.

4. It Is Energy-Efficient

Frosted windows let more natural light into the room, reducing the need for excessive indoor lighting. These windows are energy-efficient and private at the same time, which means they don’t let a lot of light in but are not too dark to see. They can also cut down on air conditioning costs by keeping the room cool.

5. It’s Not Hard to Maintain 

You can simply wet a cloth with warm water and wipe down frosted windows. Alternatively, spray the windows with glass cleaner and wipe them dry. Once you clean them, you can change the images on the glass to keep your window displays fresh.

6. It’s a Venue Wherein You Can Express Yourself Freely 

A frosted window is an innovative way to create a stronger relationship with your customers. Not only will this specific window be eye-catching, but it will help you grow your business and stay ahead of the curve. It is also an excellent way for you to express yourself. 

There are several commercial window frosting alternatives available. It’s simple to select one that meets your company’s demands and specifications. You don’t have to commit to colour on it; a frosted window allows you to be creative. Make the most of your company’s potential by utilising this cutting-edge technology.



Window tinting is a popular choice for many businesses. Although it is primarily an energy-efficient option that allows natural light to come through, it gives you a unique look. 

Window tinting doesn’t cost much to install, nor does it take a lot of time to finish. The price is affordable for most small businesses, and it can help your business profitability overall. It’s a practical choice for companies searching for both long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing results.

If you want high-quality glass frosting for your store, Cooltone has you covered. In addition to solar, security, and safety applications, we also provide architectural and signage films. We can help you with everything from commercial and residential window tinting to printed graphics, security films, and decorative films. Find out more about our offerings right now!

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