Huge windows can give you both advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that natural light comes into your home, giving it sufficient lighting and lowering your electric bill. However, one downside is security.

One solution that you can do is to install window films to prevent circumstances such as break-ins. And that will significantly depend on your window and the kind of window film you want to have in place. Take note that while a window film could not stop a burglar from entering your home, the film will act as your first line of defense and security to hold the glass together when somebody tries to shatter your windows.

So to help you understand more about how window films can help level up your window security against break-ins, continue reading this article to know more. Let’s go!


How Privacy Window Films Protect Your Windows

A window film is one of the best ways to make your windows harder to break. You can choose from different window films depending on your specific needs. There are different window films, such as privacy film and decorative window film.

Privacy window film is one of the most popular window films and one of the most expected films installed in homes, offices and business establishments. 

Privacy window films help block UV rays while preventing passersby from peeking inside your home or office. But along with preventing people from peeking, privacy window films can make it harder for anyone to enter your home as well.

How? As we’ve noted in the intro, window films are designed to hold the glass of a window together. If a burglar tries to shatter the glass window, the window film will hold the broken glass—instead of the glass shattering into thousands of pieces, which will also decrease the possibility of someone getting injured by the broken glass.

However, it’s important to note that window films are not 100% effective in stopping break-ins.


How to Make Your Windows Harder to Break

Your home should always be secure and safe. And there are two ways you can make it harder for people to break into your homes through your windows.

One is to have security window films, which provide you with a layer of protection against burglars, break-ins and any other instances where your home is being attacked. From the outside, it is indeed difficult for burglars to see through your windows because of the window film’s high-grade film. And when you apply window film to your windows, you expect it to last a long time.

The second is to replace your regular old windows with much harder glass, such as hardened, tempered glass or even strong plastic materials such as polycarbonate and plexiglass. In this way, even without a film, it will be much harder to break into your home.


Other Things You Need to Remember

Here are some of the other things you need to remember about windows.

Your windows can still be shattered by a persistent burglar or a very strong storm. You just need to aim for harder windows.

Window films can offer shade, protect your home from the harmful UV rays and make your place cooler.

If you know that your windows are old, then try to spend a few costs on upgrading them into plexiglass, polycarbonate or tempered glass.

Hire professional help when installing window films, especially if it is your first time doing it.



Window films can make your homes more private and secured if properly paired with hardened window glass. It can also keep your home cool and protected from the UV rays, keeping your family safe as well as your flooring and furniture.

Cooltone specialises in installing residential window films and glass tinting in Brisbane for decorative, solar, safety and security purposes. We’ll help protect your home by doubling the protection of your windows. Get a free quote today.

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