Information privacy can be quite an issue in an office environment when large monitors can easily display sensitive information to the people that pass by. Thankfully, this can be solved with the help of Casper Cloaking Technology. This involves the use of glass film that can block people’s view of a screen. If you’re thinking about getting this cloaking film in your office, here are four easy steps that will make the process go smoothly.

1. Validate

Before you go out and purchase the Casper Cloaking Technology, you first need to ensure that your displays are compatible with the technology. The cloaking film is designed to work with most LED screens that are at least 40” wide. For displays with smaller dimensions, they may or may not work. The cloaking film is also not compatible with most touchscreens, so there’s also that to consider. And if the technology is compatible with your displays, you need to figure out in what orientation the cloaking film will be installed.

2. Plan

Once you’ve validated the compatibility of the Casper Cloaking technology with your office displays, you can now start planning. This means figuring out the budgeting to purchase the cloaking film for your office. Ask yourself if you have enough room for your budget to install on all the displays or if you can only afford to install it to a few. And if you are only installing the cloaking film to a few displays, you have to pick which ones to prioritise. Once that’s done, you can then measure how much material you’ll need to purchase. 

3. Purchase

With the planning done, it’s now time to make the purchase. By this point, you should already have accurate measurements prepared. You can get a quote by filling out a form with basic information and the type of property and project. You can even fill in an additional message if you need to describe the specifics of your project. Uploading a file can also be done. 

4. Install

The Casper Cloaking Film isn’t just like an ordinary window film. It’s an advanced technology that is applied to glass. So, a DIY installation is definitely not an option. You will have to acquire the special skills and expertise of a professional installer familiar with Casper Cloaking Technology. 

Luckily, we are one of the only Casper Cloaking Technology providers in Australia that have installation licensing. So, we can easily install your cloaking film after the purchase. Our professional installers are quite experienced in handling cloaking film and are trained to follow the strict installation guidelines of Casper Cloaking Technology.


In Summary

While glass walls can make your office look cool and professional, they also make it easy for passers-by to see sensitive information displayed on your screens. Luckily, Casper Cloaking Technology can help give your office the privacy it needs. But first, you’ll need to validate whether your displays are compatible with the cloaking film. You then need to plan the budget and get the measurements. After that comes payment and installation, which will be a breeze.

Enjoy your glass walls while still protecting your data with the help of Cooltone. We offer Casper Cloaking Film installation since we are one of the only providers in Australia with installation licensing. We also offer commercial and residential tinting, safety and security films, decorative films, anti-graffiti films and printed graphics. Get a quote now!

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