Did you know that birds hit your windows often because they can hardly recognise glass? Even people with poor eyesight cannot help but go through glass doors because the material is hard to notice. 

If your windows in the office, home, or skyscraper have been victimising a lot of birds recently, you might want to do something about it. Not only is your glass window causing injuries, but it could also kill them, especially when the impact is too strong. Even if they only caught minor injuries in the process, minor injuries can still be fatal for animals in the wild.


Why It Happens in the First Place

Before helping you prevent such an incident from happening again, it is important to understand why it occurs. There are two main reasons this happens. During the morning, they may not see the glass at all because it’s either too clear or reflects the skyline too well. Meanwhile, at night, birds fly into windows because they are attracted by lights. 

They only follow the route which they believe would be helpful for them in their journey. The latter happens when it is foggy outdoors. The light coming from the room distracts them from their route, and they end up losing track.


How You Can Help Them 

Here are some easy tricks that could improve the situation.:

1. Observe Your House From the Outside

There is no best way to start your assistance for these migrating birds than to check what they see from your building’s exterior. By recognising which parts can be confusing, you would know where to strategically palace the solutions and what you need to do.

2. Use Blinds or Shutters 

Make sure that your windows are not too transparent enough in their eyes. When your windows have blinds or shutters in them, and you keep them semi-closed most of the time, you are helping the windows get less reflection than they usually get. Consider turning your nights off at night to minimise their reflection on your windows, especially when they are not in use.

3. Find the Right Curtains

If blinds and shutters are not something you are fond of, you can always choose the right curtain for the job. These curtains still allow a ray of sunshine to fill your room while also eliminating the chances for birds to consider your windows a clear path. 

4. Add Window Tinting or Films

This solution is best if you do not use blinds or curtains for your room. The films would effectively remove the glare on your windows or make it visible to birds. The films can make your clear windows appear reflective, letting the birds avoid hitting themselves. The great thing is that you can use this glass tinting on your glass door too. 



Window tinting has many uses. Who would know it can save living creatures lives too? If your house is located somewhere that migratory birds visit often, you might want to observe if birds get caught in your area. If so, adding window films to your glass windows and doors would not only make your home more energy-efficient and protected from UV rays but also keep birds safe from danger.

For your Brisbane window tinting needs, Cooltone is here to assist. Whether it’s for security, style, or safety in both residential and commercial areas, Cooltone can help you to enhance your home or business with professional window tinting, window films, and printing.

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