Residential window tinting can help your home save plenty of money. Though it costs quite a bit at the start, customers see that the initial expenses are worth the savings they make in the long run. Read on for more reasons why window tinting your home is a great idea!


Tinted Windows Mean Lower Energy Bills

On average, homeowners in Queensland pay approximately $140 to $150 a month for electricity. If you have heat-reflective window film, your AC can run for fewer hours and still keep your home comfortable. Since your tinted windows block the sunlight, you can retain the cold air for a more extended period. On average, air conditioning systems last from ten to 15 years; with residential window tint, you could squeeze out a few more years of use!


Tinted Windows Protect Your Privacy

Installing window treatments can rack up quite a bill since you need to update them often to ensure that your home stays stylish. Using residential window tint lets you skip blinds without sacrificing privacy and style. The tinted film makes it hard for thieves and other criminals to see into your home, and you won’t be an easy target for them.


Window Tint Prevents Fading

Sunlight bleaches most materials that furniture and floors are made of, like cloth, stained wood, and leather. Window treatments can protect these investments from overexposure. However, you must keep blinds and curtains closed to use them properly. Protecting your furniture and floors is much easier when you have heat reflective film.


Window Tint Makes Glass Sturdier

Heat-reflective window film won’t prevent your windows from breaking, especially if large branches or hard objects crash into them. However, window tint can prevent the glass from shattering. This quality will keep your loved ones safe—you don’t have to worry about them getting hurt by pieces of shattered glass. If the window breaks because of heavy rainfall, you’re also sure that your belongings won’t get soaked as the storm rages.


Window Film Reduces the Risk for Cancer

No matter your ethnicity, sun exposure can put you at risk for skin cancer. Being inside won’t protect you 100 per cent—if you sit next to an unprotected window every day, you can increase your chances of developing this illness.

Even if you’re lucky enough to dodge the big C, time under the sun can cause other problems for your skin, like sunburns and premature ageing. What’s more, if you’re inside your home, you’ll be less likely to wear sunglasses. As such, you’ll increase the risk of eye damage. 

Keep your skin safe by using heat-reflective tint on your windows. While you’ll still need other protective measures to protect your skin, decreasing the amount of sunlight in your home is a good start.



When you live in a generally sunny area like Queensland, Installing heat reflective film for your home lets you save in the long run. Besides lowering your heating and cooling expenses, you won’t need to change your window treatments, replace faded furniture, or set aside money for skin conditions.

Trust Cooltone to protect your home and family from the sun’s harmful rays. We provide residential window tinting in Brisbane, and our professional installers use quality 3M window films in all our projects. Get a quote or contact us today for enquiries!

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