Your signage is a vital element of your marketing plan, and for it to operate to its best potential, it must be visible and attention-grabbing. Great business signage allows you to capitalize on the chance to stand out amid the crowd, but mediocre or badly placed signage can make your company almost invisible.

1. Mind the Font!

Choosing the proper typeface may make or break your project. Curly, thin, or overcomplicated fonts might be difficult to see at a distance, so if you want to impress a customer, go with a simple font.

When it comes to signages, less can be more, so keep it basic. If you’re not sure, print your sign and hold it 5 meters away first. Can you read the most crucial information? Is there sufficient space between your letters? If not, you should reevaluate your design. 

2. Establish Your Brand

Nowadays, a beautiful logo is a requirement, and it may be an essential element of your signage. Find a graphic designer with experience with branding and describe your target audience, goals, and values. If you’re clueless about design, think about the brands you like, what you appreciate about them, what thoughts surface when you hear about a specific brand, and so on. Speak with your designer since a logo is an integral part of the branding and should become easily recognized, so you want to get it correctly the first time.

3. Consider Using Modern Geometric Designs

Signage, like any other kind of interior design, passes through trends. Geometrics, with their strong forms, sharp edges, and striking finish, is one particular growing trend. Custom metal geometric signs are a popular technique to make these, and some businesses are using them to place their name and emblem against colored geometric backdrops. You may also create a video wall by arranging LED or LCD panels in whatever way you choose.

4. Make it Attractive But Readable

Your signs must be read from a distance and by passers-by, not all of whom will have good eyesight. Choose colors that stand out, such as a black text on a light backdrop. This is known as light reflectance, and it is helpful to understand which colors stand out against others.

Don’t overcrowd the signs with poorly contrasting colors, though; it’s one thing if your sign is illegible from a distance, but you don’t want it to be gaudy and unattractive. The color palette you choose will be determined by the image and personality of your company. 

5. Don’t Hold Yourself Back Too Much

Your brand may be subtle, but don’t be too subtle on your signs, or you’ll fade away. With great signs, lighting, or 3D writing, even a sophisticated, modest logo and business image can be made to stand out. Great design may guarantee that your brand values are upheld and that you make a significant visual impact even if you are beautiful and subtle.

6. Test How it Looks With a Small Group

Test your signage designs with a small group of consumers before sending them to print. Bring your printer to the location to measure and verify for accessibility and H&S concerns (including lighting) for permanent signs. Check the details to avoid costly mistakes or reprints. With an increase in traffic to your business or more significant volumes in your intended call to action, you’ll quickly know if your sign is exceeding the competition. Review, analyze, and seek methods to enhance your signage in the future, to improve your efforts to stay ahead of the competition continually.



Signage is only one step in expanding your business and getting your name out there, letting the world know about your fantastic company, but it truly is worth your time and marketing effort.

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