Businesses, offices, and commercial establishments sometimes encounter problems involving people tagging their windows with graffiti, which can threaten their good reputation. The last thing you want your customers to think about you is that you’re an unprofessional company. 

If your commercial property has plenty of glass windows and is situated in a location that experiences high traffic, it’s highly likely for you to witness graffiti and other various vandalism. Fortunately, there’s a way for you to deal with your problem—installing anti-graffiti film.

Using anti-graffiti window film helps secure your glass from unwanted vandalism and prevents your building from looking unethical. The installation is quick and easy and won’t require too much of your time. Keep reading below to learn more valuable information on anti-graffiti film.


Installing Anti-Graffiti Film

The Installation Procedure

Installing anti-graffiti film on your property’s glass windows is a pretty straightforward process. A window tinting company will come by on the day of your appointment and get to work by first cleaning your windows using soap and water.

Once they finish thoroughly cleaning the area, they will wipe the glass with soft fabric towels to prepare the installation of window film. They will shape the anti-graffiti film according to the size of your glass windows, cut them correctly, and attach them to the glass using their adhesive side. 

After the film sticks to the glass, the installers will remove any excess water from the window to prevent bubbles from forming, letting your glass windows look transparent and seamless. Now that the anti-graffiti film is secured on your glass windows, you can benefit from their added protection.


Helpful Installation Tips 

During the installation of the anti-graffiti film, bubbles tend to form because of the air present in the environment. You can easily take care of them by pushing them out to eliminate the excess water and speeding up the time it takes for the film to dry up completely.

Avoid pushing on the film too hard to prevent ruining it. Moreover, when calculating the size of the film for your glass windows, you should keep some space around the window’s edges to make it easier for you to peel off the film when the time comes.

If you want to guarantee the installation process is perfect and flawless, you could ask the person in charge to clean your windows twice. It ensures your glass is spotless and doesn’t have any leftover debris that could have been overlooked the first time before finally placing the anti-graffiti film.


How Anti-Graffiti Film Works 

Anti-graffiti film is transparent and as clear as your windows. When you have it installed on your glass, no one can tell it’s there, so you don’t have to worry about blocking any view. The film won’t stand in the way of seeing what’s happening inside or outside your business.

Using an anti-graffiti film prevents different types of vandalism, including graffiti, etching, scratching, and more that could taint the image of your company. If you do encounter someone vandalising your property, you can easily strip off the anti-graffiti film, leaving your glass windows free from unwanted damage.



Applying glass tinting such as an anti-graffiti film on your company store’s windows is an excellent way to prevent vandalism of all sorts from ruining your property. While you can consider installing the film on your own, it will be best to hire a professional to perform the procedure to ensure the installation goes perfectly well. 

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