A mirror window tint is a window film made of a thin, multi-layered sheet of laminated polyester material. It creates a mirror-like surface on the outside, reflecting light at a 3:1 ratio. Whichever side the mirror is on will be three times brighter than the other side. Maintaining this ratio ensures that whoever looks in from the outside won’t see anything inside.

Typically, mirror window tint is found in interrogation rooms, commercial establishments, and automotive vehicles. It provides privacy for the people inside. These days, you can never be too safe. It’s also great for maintaining a cool temperature indoors. 

Mirror window tinting can also be incredibly beneficial for your home. If you need more convincing, here are four great reasons you should go for it:


Maximise Privacy.

Natural light and a great view are essential to a room’s ambience and overall vibe. However, maintaining your privacy is equally crucial. When you’re decorating your home, you might be torn between giving up or using drapes to keep people from the outside world from seeing you.

That’s why mirror window tinting can be your best option. You get the best of both worlds as it allows you to have access to your view and some natural light without having to worry about other people peeping into your home. 


Improve Protection. 

UV rays can be extremely harmful to your health and skin if you are exposed to too much of them. It can cause cancer and a number of other skin problems, so it’s best to protect against them. Mirror window tints can significantly reduce the UV rays that enter your home. 

It’s also perfect for the maintenance of your furniture. Sun damage has been known to cause fading and deterioration of furniture and other fixtures. The tint ensures that your house isn’t shrouded in darkness by letting in just the right amount of light.


Increase Energy Savings.

The sun’s brightness and the heat blazing into your home mean your air conditioner has to work overtime. When heat enters your room, it gets trapped inside, forcing your AC to exert itself to circulate cool air in the room. Mirror window tints reduce not just the UV rays but also the heat. You can save more on energy if your AC isn’t working at full force just to beat the heat. 


Reduce Glare.

Whether you’re just reading on your computer or watching tv, the glare in your eyes can be pretty annoying. It’s distracting and inescapable, especially if you need natural light. However, by installing mirror window tints, you can enjoy the benefits of the sun without having it in your eyes. This can help you higher productivity and experience less inconvenience and headaches from contending with blinding sunlight.



Mirror window tints have many benefits and applications. It can be used in cars, commercial buildings, and most notably, interrogation rooms. But it’s also perfect for residential properties. You can ensure your privacy and improve your living conditions through such a simple solution. Enjoy the sun without squinting or worrying about being too exposed. 

If you’re interested in window tints for additional safety and security in your home, we’re just the right people to help you. Cooltone provides specialist films for solar, safety, security and decorative purposes. We’re based in Hendra, Queensland and guarantee only the highest quality products and services!

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