A well-lit house is usually more inviting and vibrant than one that isn’t. This is why different sized and shaped windows are necessary.

While windows provide great natural light, they can also lead to unwanted UV ray exposure that may be bad for your skin and overall health. Suppose you are reading a book by the window in the middle of a hot summer afternoon. In this case, your skin is already exposed to damaging UV rays because you might not even consider wearing sunscreen indoors, right? Also, glare and heat build-up can rise with each extra window in your home. Luckily, home window tinting helps counteract these risk factors and enhances the overall vibe of your home.

In this article, we will share eight types of window tints that effectively block UV rays:


Ceramic Tints

Ceramic window film is a top-of-the-line window tint because of its extended lifespan and exceptional durability. It is frequently used in coastal residential construction as it has low exterior reflectivity. This tint will be more expensive than the others, but they are corrosion-proof and will offer you the highest UV protection of up to 99 per cent!


Spectrally Selective Tints

Spectrally selective tints can block some parts of the solar spectrum. It means that your windows will continue to let in natural light while resisting heat. As its name suggests, this type of window tint is also almost invisible. Your windows won’t seem too different than they would without a film, which is ideal for homeowners who want to keep their window’s original design.


Dual Reflective Tints

The dual-reflective tint is a popular choice for commercial window tinting. It appears with a blueish grey colour, reducing interior reflectivity and increasing exterior reflectivity. It’s also a fantastic option for a typical household because it reduces glare, rejects heat, and saves energy.


Metal and Ceramic Mix Tints

This type of tint offers a well-balanced solution for any building. Metal and ceramic mix is a low reflective window tint, both in the interior and the exterior, which is excellent for rejecting heat and managing glare.


Eco-Friendly Tints

For homeowners who want to make their homes more energy-efficient, eco-friendly tints are an excellent choice. They help keep heat in during the winter and keep it out during the summer.


Neutral Tints

As the name implies, neutral tints are a fantastic, deliberate choice for people who do not want harsh tint colour tones on their windows. They have low reflectivity and are ideal for creating a “showroom” atmosphere.


Security Tints

Security tints, composed of heavy-duty polyester and bonded with strong adhesives, are an excellent way to protect your windows from the outdoors and extreme climate, vandalism, and burglary. These tints are also for excellent damage protection, as they provide an extra layer of strength to the window.


External Tints

Traditionally, you apply window tints on the inside of a window. However, when existent windows are beginning to deteriorate, external window tints can help filter UV rays, heat, and glare, extending the life of the windows.



At this point, you now know eight varieties of window films available, all serving different purposes. Aside from blocking UV rays, they can also save energy, cover the home’s interiors, reduce glare, reject heat, or improve the house’s overall aesthetic. So, when picking the perfect window tint for your home, be sure to consider your location, the climate in your area, and your objectives.

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