Everyone needs their daily dose of serotonin. Whenever you’re feeling down and gloomy due to your dark, damp room, you may need to pull the curtains and enjoy the benefits of well-needed sunlight. Sun rays have a tendency to literally brighten up your day, and why wouldn’t they? Nothing quite compares to the feeling of basking in the sunshine!

We can all agree that getting your fair share of sunlight each day can definitely be beneficial to your health. However, as with all things in life, too much of anything can also be bad for you! You have heard of people getting sunburnt, as well as those suffering from other crucial skin conditions due to excess exposure to the sun. 

Suppose you feel that you’ve already had enough sunlight for the day, and yet, you do not want to close all your curtains for the sake of maintaining a certain amount of natural light indoors. In that case, you may very well rely on your tinted windows to lower the risk brought about by excess sun rays.


How Do Windows Protect You from Harmful UV Rays?

One of the main things that cause skin conditions and cataracts is the sunlight’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Get too much of it within a day, and you’ll have a bad offset of sunburn—have a monthly unhealthy dose, and you may just get skin cancer. 

It’s a bad situation that no one would ever want to go through, which is why certain windows and add-ons were made to protect people within their homes from the harmful UV rays outdoors. Here’s how your windows can help:

1. Tinted Windows

Tinted windows not only balances the overall natural light that your indoors would have on a sunny day but also reduces the amount of UV rays entering your home. 

Depending on the type of tint you’d have on your windows, the UV rays may be reduced by a whopping 99%, primarily if the tint that you’re going to choose is categorised in the solar window film variant. This one provides a solid defence against the rays by absorbing it.

Of course, there are other benefits to tinted windows, such as privacy, security, and even protecting your valuables from the sun’s rays, but all of those are nothing compared to the overall health advantage that it provides.

2. Tempered Glass

Some homeowners would prefer their windows to be made of tempered glass. Aside from the fact that they are pretty much durable against strong winds and other extreme weather conditions, they may also reduce the amount of UV rays that may enter your home. 

Take note that they may only reduce around 30% of the rays, as a recent study states that they usually allow 70% of them to enter through the glass. Nonetheless, they may be supported by tinting to ensure the risky numbers significantly go down.

3. Laminated Building Glass

If you happen to be the owner of your own business, chances are you’d have your own office or company building. If you want to protect yourself, your employees, and your overall establishment from the harmful UV rays, you may opt for laminated building glass. This material is known to mitigate the transmission of UV rays completely. 

Of course, opting for this option would mean that you have the budget to apply it to the whole structure, but if you’re willing to shell out any amount just to be safe from the harmful effects of sunlight, then go for it!



If you want to be protected from too much sunlight and the harmful effects of UV rays, then invest in the various different window types and filters stated above. They all have the means to absorb, decrease, and prevent them from entering your home. 

Investing in these crucial add-ons not only decreases your chances of getting skin illnesses but can also help reduce the fade and damage on your indoor valuables.

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