Every homeowner wants more energy-efficient windows. This is especially appealing when it allows you to save on utility bills every month. However, the problem is that replacing windows can be a costly project, and if you need to replace all the fixtures in your home, it can put a huge dent in your wallet!

Does that mean you can’t do anything to lower your energy bills? Not at all! You can choose to have some high-quality window films installed and still get the benefit mentioned. Yet, this will only be possible if you know which home window tinting to have installed.


The Right Product Makes a Difference

If your goal is to enjoy energy efficiency throughout the year, you need to find the right window film. Don’t make the mistake of buying cheap cloaking film that you can install yourself. You might think you’re saving some money with that, but you’re actually wasting money! Cheap films tend to bubble, delaminate, and crack. More importantly, they don’t offer the same benefits as a high-quality window film installed by the professionals at Cooltone and may even come with a lifetime warranty.


Types of Window Films That Are Energy-Efficient

Many people think that all window films are the same, but there are different types that you can choose from, such as the following:


Dual-Reflective Window Films

Also known as metalised films, dual-reflective window films are made up of microscopic metal pieces that work as a mirror. Not only do they reflect ultraviolet light and minimise glare and interior heat gain, but they also offer a view of the outside while preventing passersby from seeing the inside of your home.


Hybrid Window Films

Hybrid window films (dyed or pigment window films) use a special type of dye or pigment that absorbs light instead of reflecting it. That means the windows don’t look like a mirror from the outside and have a more natural appearance. Most homeowners prefer this because of its more “muted” look. That said, know that hybrid window films may strain the glass if it gets scorching outside. Also, it’s not as energy-efficient as dual-reflective window films!


Ceramic Window Film 

Ceramic window films are very durable. They are also heat-absorbent, thanks to the ceramic material that is known for this property. Ceramic is even used for spacecraft insulation – that’s how good it is! In fact, it is one of the best choices for energy efficiency and heat-blocking without lessening the amount of light getting into your home.


How Window Films Work to Save You Money

No matter which type of window film you choose, your goal is to reflect the heat or keep it from getting into your home. Here’s how it makes all the difference in your home’s comfort level and utility bills:

  • In the summer, window films reflect UV rays and minimise interior heat gain significantly (up to about 70%). That means your air conditioner doesn’t have to work that hard, and your cooling bills decrease, too.
  • During winter, window films keep the heat inside your home, so it stays warmer and more comfortable during the coldest months.
  • Because they block UV rays, they also reduce glare. As such, you can enjoy natural light inside your home without squinting or worrying about your furniture fading either.



Home window tinting plays a significant role in ensuring that your home remains comfortable, especially when the temperature outside is high. They also help you maintain an energy-efficient home. However, remember that not all window tints are made equal. You should stay away from cheap window films and choose only those of the highest quality and have them installed by trusted professionals!

Cooltone is your partner when it comes to residential window tinting in Brisbane City, QLD. We only install premium quality 3M window films that are recognised in the industry for their durability, strength, and long life. Talk to our window film expert today to know how we can make your home safer and more energy-efficient!

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