Graffiti is a form of vandalism where a person sprays a series of images or text on a public space using paint, aerosols, ink, or even just scratching. A lot of business owners fall victim to vandals whenever their place of business is defiled. Sometimes it can even cost a lot of money to remove the graffiti and restore their walls and windows to their original state.

Fortunately, you can protect your windows from being vandalised using a solution similar to glass tinting called anti-graffiti film. Here’s everything you need to know about anti-graffiti films if you’re interested in using them to protect your windows.


What Is an Anti-Graffiti Film?

Anti-graffiti film works similarly to commercial window tinting, but instead of protecting the glass from UV rays, it protects windows and mirrors from vandalism. It is a transparent window film that can be installed on windows, glass, or mirrors without obstructing the view. By adding an invisible layer of protection, you don’t risk losing any business even when someone painted graffiti over your displays.


Minimise the Impact of Vandalism

Installing anti-graffiti film is an affordable and easy-to-manage solution that eliminates the need to replace any of your glass displays. The film itself takes on all the damage from the paint, including scratches from sharp or abrasive surfaces. It may not be able to stop vandals from doing it again, but it ensures your front displays are protected.

Without the protection of anti-graffiti films, you risk spending on costly repairs or windowpane replacements. You’re leaving your establishment exposed while your window panes are being replaced. Anti-graffiti film is a low-cost solution that minimises the damage of all kinds of vandalism. 


Invisible Protection

Since anti-graffiti films are clear and invisible, you don’t draw attention to them. Vandals won’t even know you have one installed until they see your glass window the next day looking good as new. Only you and your staff know that you’ve applied an extra layer of protection to your doors and windows. 

Some anti-graffiti films also contain some form of UV protection that could double as a transparent window tint. If you’re planning on applying commercial window tinting on your displays, consider applying anti-graffiti film instead. You get the UV protection that a normal tint provides while keeping your glass from being damaged. 


Easy Cleanup

No business owner would ever want to greet their customers with a horribly defiled facade that makes your establishment look decrepit and unprofessional. If someone attempts to vandalise your windows, your anti-graffiti film will do just fine in protecting your windows. The film can be easily peeled off, revealing a clean, untarnished glass.

You never have to worry about replacing all your glass displays whenever it gets damaged. Just peel off the damaged film and reapply a new one for a new layer of protection.



Gone are the days where you spend hundreds of dollars buying new panes of glass to replace your damaged ones. By taking advantage of anti-graffiti films, you save a lot of money. Anti-graffiti films are designed to protect windows, glass displays, and mirrors, even in the most extreme circumstances. 

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