A business establishment should be conducive and an ideal place for working. Employees and clients will be more motivated in doing transactions in the office because they can feel that the space promotes harmony and style. Thus, company owners should consider installing top-notch commercial window tinting products. This will not only uplift the company’s environment but also improve employees’ productivity and impress clients. 

Still unconvinced? These reasons will encourage you to install commercial window tinting in your establishment. 


It promotes employees’ comfort and safety

A distinct advantage of commercial window tinting is that it promotes the safety and comfort of employees and people in the organisation. It helps keep the sunlight and excess heat outside to prevent them from distracting employees while working. There will also be reduced glare on computer screens and monitors, which will reduce trips to the company clinic due to headaches and eye strains.

There are also window films today that can protect people inside against glass shards. These films are especially helpful during emergencies, such as those caused by natural disasters. 


It provides decorative window displays

Ads used to be painted on glass windows, a process that can be time-consuming and expensive upon removal.

Gone are those techniques! Nowadays, you can utilise your decorative window tint as an area to display advertisements. There’s no need to worry about a lot of time to be spent on getting rid of them because they are easier to remove.


It helps reduce expenses on energy 

Did you know? Business spaces with more than 100 ft of storefront glass can help you save a lot of air-conditioning. However, this is only possible when they have reflective window film. This is especially beneficial to business owners who want to maximise their budget. Energy costs can be reduced to  30% when a high-quality tint is installed. Not only that, but it can also decrease the consumption amount on cooling and heating systems in the long run. 


It helps in preventing crime and valuing privacy 

Installation of dark-coloured and reflective window tinting can also contribute to security and privacy. This type of window will prevent thieves from seeing what’s inside your establishment. That way, you can protect confidential data and promote the appropriate level of privacy in the office. Window film can also make the glass stronger, thus, making it impossible to be smashed when an accident or crime happens.



Lessen the business’s operating costs and energy bill without disregarding the whole workspace’s comfort and ambience. Installing the correct window tint in your establishment will also help protect it against untoward incidents and the sun’s glare. There are various options that you can choose from, depending on the style you’re going for or your business’s needs. To help you find the best one for your space, work with a reliable commercial window tinting company.

If you’re interested in having office window tinting in Brisbane, our friendly team at Cooltone is here to help. Contact us and get a quote today! 


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