Tinted residential windows may not be considered a necessity until you experience their benefits on a scorching summer’s day. With that, there seems to be a growing number of homeowners who switch to tinted windows to make their homes more comfortable. Aside from comfort, tinted windows can actually add value to a home, which is helpful if you’re planning on selling it in the near future. How does it add value to your home? Read on. 

Residential window tint is made from PET, a type of plastic made of multiple layers that can be clear or tinted with dyes, metals or pigments. Window tints fall under three main categories: 

  • Decorative: The thinnest variety of window tint available provides benefits but is mainly used for aesthetics
  • Solar: This is thicker and darker to provide better sun protection, and it’s more durable than decorative tint
  • Security: This is the thickest and strongest among the three types of window tints. Security window tints are shatter-proof


How Window Tints Can Add Value to Your Home

There are many ways window tints can add value to your home. Some of them are: 

Improves Security and Privacy

Your home should be a comfortable and safe space, but it won’t be if people can see through easily. A window tint can help prevent any passers-by from being able to see inside. In turn, it brings a better sense of security and privacy to your home. With that, it brings more value to your property. 

Reduces Energy Bills

Nobody wants to pay high electricity bills, but it happens most of the time. That’s why there are more energy-efficient products in the market today. The good news is, window tint can make your entire home more energy-efficient. 

Window tints can help regulate the temperature in your home that will reduce your HVAC usage. 

Adds More UV Protection

The sun is notorious for its UV rays. These rays are dangerous and can get through windows and create significant damage to you and the stuff on your property. Fortunately, tinted residential windows can prevent UV rays from entering your home. 

Reduces Glare

A small spot of glare from the sun can have a significant impact on your home’s value. This is because glares can interfere with certain household activities, which becomes a major inconvenience. Window tints, specifically the solar one, can block the sun’s rays to prevent annoying glares from the sun. 

Improves Curb Appeal

Decorative window tints are a great way to add more beauty to your home. So, if you want to make your home’s curb appeal look better without having major renovations done, window tints are your best bet.



Residential window tinting is gaining so much popularity these days because of the value that it brings to homes. It is one of the best window treatments that will not compromise natural light from coming in but ensures that your home is protected from the sun and prying eyes.

So, what are you waiting for? Have your windows tinted today. Look for a reputable residential window tinting contractor. 

Cooltone offers quality home window tinting in Brisbane, QLD. We offer films for solar, safety, security and decorative purposes. Contact us. 

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