Every homeowner wants to boost their property’s energy efficiency. Not only will it regulate your home temperature and keep your household members comfortable, but it will also help you save up on your monthly utility bills.

There are several to increase your home’s energy efficiency as much as there are various ways to reduce it. Unfortunately, some homeowners aren’t wary of pursuing some home projects that can actually compromise energy efficiency.

In this article, we will share five common mistakes you must avoid that will actually reduce your home’s energy efficiency:


Mistake 1: Making DIY home improvements

Some homeowners often resort to DIY home remodelling projects, whether it is a kitchen, bathroom, or full house. Doing so isn’t a problem, as long as you have the knowledge, skills, and expertise in pursuing home improvement projects. If not, this is where all potential home issues will arise, one of which is compromising your energy efficiency due to improper ventilation and having no insulation.


Mistake 2: Having no inspection for air leaks

When it comes to home inspections, many homeowners are focused on identifying water leaks and addressing them. Unfortunately, many tend to ignore checking their houses for air leaks as well. What many fail to realise is that any hole, gap, or opening can allow drafts to get in, whether via walls, windows, and doors. As a result, these can significantly decrease energy efficiency at home.


Mistake 3: Ignoring minor home issues

Taking minor home issues for granted is a big no-no. For instance, if you notice some problems with your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system, you must not ignore them. This is because they can reduce your home’s energy efficiency and escalate to extensive damages that require costly repairs and even replacements. The best course of action is to get minor issues inspected as soon as possible and fix them if necessary!


Mistake 4: Not investing in energy-efficient systems

When it comes to home appliances and heating or cooling systems, you must remember to ditch out old and outdated ones because they can significantly impact your home’s energy efficiency. The good news is that there are various energy-saving units and appliances available in today’s market. It is indeed worth investing in them as they can help you save on your monthly utility bills in the long run.


Mistake 5: Installing non-energy-efficient windows

Some homeowners tend to neglect their home windows, thinking that they don’t affect energy levels. What they fail to realise is how they can affect the home’s energy efficiency by allowing the sun’s glare, UV rays, and heat to get in. The good thing is that there are window films that can protect your house from the sun’s heat and radiation!

Here at Cooltone, we have a wide range of window films that are readily available for you, most of which can increase your home’s energy efficiency. If you’re looking for solar window films, privacy or security films, or decorative films, then we have the solutions for you!



For home safety, household comfort, and decreased utility bills, you must always focus on energy efficiency. As such, be sure to leave any home improvement project to the experts, have an inspection for air leaks, fix any minor home issue, and invest in energy-efficient systems. Most importantly, it will make a world of difference when you install quality window films at home for increased energy efficiency!

Are you looking to increase your home’s energy efficiency? We’ve got you covered with our window tinting solutions! We provide commercial and residential window tinting in Brisbane, from safety and security films to printed graphics down to decorative films. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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