The bathroom is the room in the house that needs the most privacy and security. If you have window or glass doors in your bathroom and you feel the need to make it more private, adding a window film, glass frosting, or printed graphics are some of the best solutions. If this is your first time considering these options, you might have some questions. 

Before you go out and look for a window film supplier, here are some necessary details that you might want to learn about: 


The Types of Window Film You Can Get for Your Bathroom Window

You might be surprised by how many options you have for your window tint. They all have different characteristics to meet your interior and protection requirements. Here are some options you can choose from:

  • If you want a dark film over your windows, choose tinted window films. They come in various shades and intensities of black. 
  • If you prefer a translucent effect for your window while still letting the light pass through it, get frosted window film. 
  • If you want a film that has a two-way mirror effect, opt for the mirrored film. This film is the best option if you want to see the outside of your bathroom window without letting them see you from the outside. However, you should note that a reflective film has the opposite effect at night. Once you turn on your bathroom lights, people would be able to see you from the outside. 
  • If you do not want any light to pass through your window, an opaque film would be the right choice for you.  


Options Where to Put Your Bathroom Window Film 

You can place your bathroom window film on any surface that has glass on it. It could be the windows, glass door for your shower, or the doors for your bathroom stalls. Besides knowing the type of window films you want, make sure to determine the areas you plan to put them in. That way, you can figure out if you need to block light or add more privacy to a specific door. 


On Their Resistance to Water

If you are worried about the film’s safety inside a humid and moist environment, you have nothing to worry about. Window films are specially designed to resist humidity. Therefore, you would not encounter any mildew or mould. Window films also are made from durable materials, so expect them to last for a long time.


On the Need for Curtains and Blinds

Only the opaque window film can give you complete privacy 365 days a year among the options. The rest would still act as a window that allows you to see through it or let some light in, only with enhanced privacy. If there are occasions when you need to block the view completely, you might want to consider adding curtains or blinds. 


On Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning window tints is the same as cleaning your regular windows. There are no special instructions to follow on how to remove stains or dirt. You can use a soft cloth, soft sponge, or microfibre cloth to clean your window or glass. Just make sure to avoid paper towels and other materials that might scratch its surface.   



Window films are useful additional bathroom accessories that could provide you with the security and privacy you need while enhancing the visual aesthetic. Aside from those perks, most films can also block harmful UV rays, protecting your eyes, skin, and home interior. Installing the right is easy as long as you find the right supplier.

If your bathroom or house needs window tinting in Brisbane, we can help. Cooltone has been providing homes, automobiles, and commercial buildings with window protection since 1981. We have a wide range of decorative films to choose from. Contact us today at 1300 302 212 to learn how we can help you.

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