Schools are a child’s second home and the place where they spend most of their time in a week. Unfortunately, even school can be a dangerous place for children. As we can observe from America, school shootings are not uncommon and can be seen on the news practically every month. While Australia has significantly less gun-related crime, our country, unfortunately, is not free from mass shootings and other firearm-related attacks. 


Safety in Australian Schools

Although the country is known for carefully observing its strict new gun laws, incidents like the horrific 2018 mass shooting still occur. It was the country’s deadliest mass shooting in 22 years of having no record of attacks. In this incident, seven got killed, including four children. Because of this unfortunate event, most parents no longer feel at ease leaving their kids in schools, knowing they are in unsafe institutions.

This reality led academic institutions to become more active in protecting the safety of the children they educate. After all, there is no room for any school nor parents to be lax about the security of those within their walls. Hiring security personnel has always been on the checklist of all organisations, and these people are doing the best they can to safeguard the institution and the children. However, they need to implement other security measures.


A Learning From Past Attacks

Studying past attacks shows that the danger starts upon the attackers’ easy access to the learning institutions. To escape the eyes of the security, these attackers break a window or a glass door and use these as their entryway. With easy access, no alarms, and no security control, they are free to grab anyone they see to hold hostage.   

If there are additional measures that public and private places should implement, it is strengthening their security in these entry points.


Improving the Security in Schools and Other Institutions With Commercial Window Tinting

Various schools in the US, as well as several government properties such as the US Capitol, the Pentagon, and House of Representative buildings, have implemented additional window security by installing window tinting products. 

Adding window tint to glasses helped improve the place security measures in two major ways:

  • By Blocking the Criminal’s View: Certain window tints give windows a darker exterior, making it difficult for people outside to see the inside. Despite the dark surface looking in, those  indoors do not have to compromise on the amount of natural light that comes inside. 
  • By Reducing the Risk of Shattered Glass: Protective tints have a sticky layer that reduces the risk of shattering in the case that a window is forcefully broken. This serves a dual purpose: attackers will find it more difficult to enter and in the case that they do break the glass, any students or staff members indoors are less likely to be hurt by shattered fragments. Protective coating not only protects against attackers, but strong winds and storms too.

The added security and privacy features window tints can offer to an academic institution can make students and employees feel safer and at ease. 



By simply adding this thin film across all the windows in an institution, administration can significantly increase their protection from both attackers and bad weather. It may mean an added investment, but when you consider the potential costs saved, it’s well-worth the price.

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