There are numerous ways to overcome a building’s weak points, from high-risk entry points to energy sustainability. Thankfully, you don’t always have to choose expensive products and fixtures to get a similar quality of optimisation for your building. Sometimes, it’s better to spend less when looking for alternatives to your problems.

Window tinting is an effective way of reinforcing your window’s durability while simultaneously improving your indoor space’s privacy. Besides being a modern innovation to residential properties, commercial buildings can benefit from window film’s different models and features. One particular product that commercial building owners are investing in is casper cloaking window film.


Investing in Casper Cloaking window film

Casper Cloaking window films are among the best window tinting solutions, especially for commercial building applications. It’s an excellent addition to a bustling establishment in urban spaces. It’s great for both indoor and exterior window applications since it provides a screening effect in blocking digital screens from outside viewers. It does this while still retaining the visibility of everything else in your office space. It’s a manageable in-between from transparent and heavily-tinted window film. Although it may seem like a simple level of protection, installing these window films allows your business to embrace numerous advantages to your operation.

In this article, we’ll share three reasons Casper Cloaking window film is the best fit for your commercial building.

1. Casper Cloaking window film keeps your staff approachable

Sometimes, it’s necessary for commercial spaces to show the human element in their work process. This reassures clients that work is ongoing and that they’re dealing with relatable individuals. It’s one of the reasons why sales through impersonal interactions like email or texts don’t have the same level of conversions from face-to-face interactions. With Casper Cloaking window film, you can maintain a level of distance from your customers while still being present in their line of sight. It’s an excellent addition for different industries, from restaurant branches to accounting firms.

2. Casper Cloaking window film maintains your privacy

The danger of being out in public spaces to onlookers is the potential risk of leaking data. In commercial spaces, you need to ensure that you’re not displaying digital information in your office spaces to the public. This can be difficult to follow when you’re leasing a spot in the middle of a commercial complex.

Casper Cloaking window film applies an innovative layer of protection to your windows. Its special film material blocks LED and LCD lighting from computers, TV screens and other kinds of monitors. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about leaking any private data to onlookers.

3. Casper Cloaking window film improves your office’s aesthetics

Besides window film’s functional properties, it also enhances your window’s aesthetics. Instead of maintaining bulky blinds or curtains to watch your windows, Casper Cloaking window film has a built-in decorative quality. You can order from a wide range of patterns and designs that will be an excellent fit for transparent surfaces. You can choose from pre-made patterns or request a particular design to fit your office’s interior design.



Every indoor environment needs to maintain a balance of privacy and transparency, especially for commercial buildings. With the innovation of window film technology, you can upgrade your office to fit a corporate setting giving it a new and stylish look.

At Cooltone, our tinting experts can pick the right product for your building’s window protection needs. We have a variety of office tinting solutions you can choose from, including casper cloaking film installation! If you require commercial window tinting services in Brisbane for your office, contact us today!

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