Window tinting has been widely talked about these days. A window tint is less porous than glass, so it doesn’t get dirty easily. For this reason, a window tint doesn’t require as much cleaning and maintenance when compared to normal windows. However, when the time comes, cleaning your tinted window films is imperative.

The good thing is, cleaning tinted windows is a relatively easy process. All it takes is cleaning with warm water and a mild detergent to keep your window tinting in good shape and condition. Take note that any abrasive cleaners, blades, or rough sponges are not advisable to be used in cleaning the window tints.

Below are common window tinting types. Keep on reading to learn four cleaning tips for your window tints.


  1. Cleaning Window Film

The rule of thumb with cleaning window films after tinting installation is to wait a week after installation to clean your tinted windows. As part of the curing process, you shouldn’t wash your window until the film has had enough time to cure. Once cured, take note of the following:

  • Prepare a mixture of dish soap and water
  • Apply the cleaner of your choice with a soft, lint-free cloth
  • Don’t use paper towels or other materials that might leave streaks behind
  • Use a rubber squeegee but be gentle and careful not to damage the film
  1. Cleaning Decorative Films

It’s worth knowing that a decorative film is more durable than other types of tinting. For this reason, regular cleaning is not necessary. Also, it is made up of vinyl material, so dirt and smudges aren’t noticeable. Consider the following cleaning tips:

  • Use lint-free cloths with mild soap and water. Other cleaning detergents like bleach or Windex can peel off the window tint
  • Using rough sponges or harsh cleaning agents is not advisable
  1. Cleaning Solar Tinting

Solar tinting is made from polyester material, meant to block UV rays and heat. However, it isn’t as durable as a decorative film. It is thinner and more transparent than other tints, allowing you to see the dirt and dust. That given, make sure to observe the following cleaning tips:

  • You might have to clean this type more than other types using the same cleaning solution and cloth material
  • Ammonia-based cleaners can discolour or ruin the film’s adhesion
  1. Cleaning Security Film

Security films are much clearer than other window tints that look almost the same as the regular glass. It allows sunlight into your home while providing extra protection. When it comes to cleaning, consider the following tips:

  • Clean as often as you would clean your normal window glass. It’s not hard to see smudges, dirt, and dust on this window film
  • Use lint-free cloths and mild detergents same as other window tinting types
  • Avoid ammonia-based cleaning products

There are several different types of window films available in the market today. We hope that the quick cleaning guide provided above for some of the most common types will help you perform the needful. Though your tinted window films require less maintenance, they deserve a little cleaning as well to be in good shape and to last for as long as possible.

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