Installing tints on your windows comes with several amazing benefits. Tinted windows protect your home from sun damage, reduce heat build-up, and provide your house with additional security and privacy. With all these advantages, it’s no wonder many homeowners are excited to install these add-ons to their houses.

Despite the many benefits they offer, tinted windows require you to shell out cash that may not have been part of your home budget. Window films are additional expenses, which is why homeowners simply consider them items that would be nice to have. Before they take the plunge and make the purchase, property owners want to know their durability, life expectancy, and whether or not their investment will be worth it.

So, how long does window film last? Given the right conditions, window films can last for more than 20 years. However, the answer to the question depends on a lot of factors. In this post, we discuss how window tinting works and what determines its durability.


How Tints Work to Protect Your Home 

Technically, window tints aim to lower the amount of solar heat transmission getting into your home. The process is two-fold: window tints are designed to increase both solar absorption and solar reflection. Solar absorption refers to the heat trapped in the film, while solar reflection is the amount of heat it is able to bounce back or block from coming in.

Good-quality window films have built-in UV protection and heavy-duty coating to ensure that they’ll last for a long time. However, other factors come into play when it comes to their durability. We list them below:


1 – Quality and Type of Materials

There are different types of window tints available today, each one offering a different combination of opacity, brightness, colour, and thickness. The materials used matters a lot because they may require a specific installation. For instance, polyester-based films stick better to particular types of glass than others.


2 – Quality of Installation

 You may have the best type of window film, but it will simply go to waste if it’s not correctly installed. The services of a professional window tinting company ensure the best results for your windows. Professionals use specialized equipment and are trained to install films without trapping air bubbles inside the glass. Not only does this make the tinting job look better, but it also increases the tint’s durability.


3 – Climate and Location 

Homes with windows facing either east or west are usually hotter because they deal with sunrise and sunset every day. In these instances, the tints work harder to absorb and block solar transmissions. Due to the natural wear-and-tear, window tints in these conditions may fade faster and have a shorter life expectancy.

Installing tints for your home windows may be an additional expense, but when you consider other variables, you’re actually getting a higher return of investment. The good news is, most tint companies offer a lifetime warranty to their services. Therefore, if ever your window tints need minor repairs and adjustments, a skilled technician can assist you for free. This means you and your family will be able to enjoy your investment’s benefits for a very long time.

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