When wanting to upgrade your windows, it is best that you install window tints that change the opacity of the glass and reduce the sunlight that enters your home. While placing window films is as easy as mounting it onto the glass, it pays to hire a professional to perform the task for you.

The main reason for this is that is the window tint is not installed by a professional or experienced installer a wide range of things can go wrong, one is bubbling the other is the tint applied is not suitable for what you are aiming to achieve (privacy or heat reduction etc) – these are just some genuine reasons as to why its a professional skill and recommend you hire a professional.


How to install window tints properly

There’s no unified way of installing window tints. Some films have an adhesive that becomes sticky upon getting wet. Because of this, the shades work like a wallpaper that stays in the glass after evenly spraying the window with water. Meanwhile, other films need heat to activate the adhesive on the back of the film.

It’s not enough to find a heat source and stick it onto the window. Instead, specialised tools and training help ensure that there are no air bubbles against the glass. This concern is the reason to delegate the task to a professional window tint installer. They ensure that you receive the best results by completing the process quicker and without any concerns.


Six benefits of window tints

  1. Keeping it cool – These tints help maintain cooler room temperatures by blocking a portion of the sun’s rays, especially ultraviolet radiation. In return, your home’s interior remains comfortable even during the intense summer heat.
  2. Save on electricity expenses – Aside from cooling your home, window tints can also reduce your energy bills, especially if you live in warm-weather areas. A study revealed that window tints can reduce energy consumption by about 30 per cent annually, which is a considerable sum of money. In the long run, the savings on electricity will compensate for the costs of installing window films.
  3. Maintain your air conditioning’s smooth operation – With window tints, you can afford to switch off your central air conditioning to maintain the room temperature. The air conditioning system will also function for an extended period because it’s not subject to wear and tear. With lower electricity rates and lesser need for air conditioning repairs, you will be able to delegate the extra money to other expenses or your savings.
  4. Boosts your property’s value – If you are looking to sell your property, window tints can add extra dollars to its value. Likewise, an energy-efficient home due to window films is a fantastic selling point, which increases the odds of selling quickly.
  5. Protects your furniture – Since window tints filter up to 99 per cent of UV radiation, your furniture will not fade due to sunlight. In contrast, energy-efficient windows can only block up to 40 per cent of the radiation, which is still harmful to your floors and other coloured surfaces.
  6. Shields your skin from damage – You can still get sunburn even if you are inside your house. Window tints block harmful ultraviolet radiation that can cause skin cancer after constant exposure. Prevention is the only way to address this concern because there is no treatment for the damage inflicted on your skin.


A window tint installer you can trust

With close to four decades of experience, Cooltone provides quality window tinting for homes and commercial buildings. We stay on top of the latest window film technological advancements and have one of the largest ranges of films on hand and available for install. Our team of installers have years of experience between them and can tackle any job with professionalism, care and skill.

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