People invest in window tint for their homes for many reasons. One of the most common, aside from privacy, is the savings they can get from it. If you are curious about how tint on your windows can help you cut back on your expenses, read on. This article will help you understand. Here are the three ways residential window tinting can help you save money:


#1: It Helps Reduce Your Monthly Energy Bills

Window tinting blocks 99 per cent of the UV rays entering your home. It can also achieve a 90 per cent rate of heat rejection, depending on the type of film you choose. Moreover, the film can absorb and reflect glare and heat from the sun. 

Heat loss through the windows during the cold season is one of the top reasons for increased energy consumption at home. Window film can prevent that by trapping the heat inside the house. With their help, the insulation in your home would improve up to 30 per cent, allowing the space to stay cool or warm inside. That means your furnace or air conditioner does not need to work as hard.


#2: It Provides Furniture and Skin Protection

Since window tinting can block sunlight and heat, it means protection for your furniture, drapes, and flooring. Thanks to it, your furniture would not fade as fast. 

Moreover, you also would not have to spend so much replacing your existing windows. Instead of purchasing energy-efficient windows that costs a lot, tint can provide you similar benefits while being 90 per cent cheaper than your original option. 

Window tints can also act as your added skin shield. You can lessen the impact of the sun on your skin thanks to your window tint purchase. 


#3: It Pays for Itself Over Time

Given all the window tint’s provided benefits, you can have a savings of five to ten per cent every month on your electricity bill. That is like the tint paying for itself every month. 

They also have a high rate of return on investment. You can recoup the cost of the film and its installation in about one to three years. The savings between that and the remainder of your tint’s lifespan could be additional savings. 



Window tint can help you save money in many ways. Make the most out of your home window tinting by ensuring you get quality materials installed by professionals. It can match and even exceed the performance of modern energy-efficient windows if you find the right one. You can also guarantee a faster return on investment than a complete window replacement. Overall, you can cut back on your annual expenses while experiencing year-round comfort at home. 

If you need residential window tinting in Brisbane, make sure to contact us at Cooltone. We supply and install only quality 3M window film. Our residential tint would ensure your home has reduced heat, glare, and UV rays while increasing your privacy. Contact us today to learn more about our service. 

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