Home renovation can be pretty exciting as homeowners aim to improve their house and living conditions. There can be a bit of a budget constraint for many people, though, limiting what exactly can be renovated and changed. One essential service you shouldn’t leave out of your renovation budget is home window tinting. The installation of window film may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but all the rooms and the building itself will benefit from it. Here’s why tinted windows are essential to have in your newly renovated home:  

Get Less Exposure from the Sun

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can be tough to deal with outside, but you aren’t fully protected while indoors either. Sunlight still creeps in, and it can affect your skin. Not only that, but it can also cause some discolouration and damage to the furniture, carpeting, and devices near the windows.  By getting tinted windows, you’re ensuring better protection against the sun for both the occupants and possessions in the household. There’s no need to worry about any sudden reflections and glares by the television or when you’re taking a selfie anymore either. There’s enough light when the windows are open during the daytime to at least keep the lamps off.    

Achieve Better Insulation 

For locations with varying temperatures, it can be hard to maintain the right one. The colder seasons call for more warmth while you’d want to keep the house cool during summer. Heaters and air conditioning can do a lot, but a sound insulation system is vital to keep the heat or lack thereof going. Window films have a proven effect on better home insulation. Not only will you be comfortable in the optimal temperature of your own home, but you can also find lower utility bills. Your residence will be charged less when you turn the heater off early and rely on your tinted windows to keep the heat in, and the same applies to the air conditioner and fan.    

Invest in Your Home’s Privacy

The entire point of having your own home is to have a private property where you can do anything. However, some nosy neighbours and peeping Toms can’t be helped. Take the extra steps to increase your home’s privacy by getting tinted windows. It’ll be more challenging for people outside the house to see what’s going on. Aside from privacy, it’s an added bonus that certain window films can make the panes a little more durable. Everyone can feel a little safer from any thieves or natural disasters that would cause it to break immediately.    

Prioritise Your Curb Appeal

As you renovate your home and improve the nearer future for you and your family, it might be time to plan even more ahead. Increasing the curb appeal of your home can not only make your property a little more popular among the others, but it also makes the house easier to sell in the future.  One way of prioritising and improving your curb appeal is by getting your home’s windows tinted. It makes your home appear better, and future homebuyers would be aware of the functional advantages tinted windows offer.    


In summary, home window tinting can prove to be quite the investment for your home amid the renovation process. It’s a small step that’s critical for many benefits and improvements that homeowners can experience during their stay in that house. In need of residential window tinting? Cooltone provides specialist window films designed to provide solar protection and security for residential and commercial areas in Hendra and Brisbane, QLD. Get a quote today!
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