Why You Should Use Anti-Graffiti Film in Your Stores

Your store or building is a place of business, and keeping it looking professional is in your best interests. Besides keeping your sidewalk clean and painting the facade, you can also apply the anti-graffiti film on non-porous surfaces like windows and glazing. This film protects structures against chemical etching and other long-term damage.

When you don’t use this window film, you also stand to lose money; you’ll keep using short-term solutions to wear and tear. Keep reading to learn why anti-graffiti film is a sustainable solution to ensuring that your building remains clean and secure against vandalism.


What makes an anti-graffiti film effective?

Anti-graffiti film is a transparent, distortion-free protective layer typically made from polyester and adhesives. You can install it on glass, stainless steel, marble or perspex, and it is hardly detectable by the naked eye when applied to these surfaces. This film minimises the damage from spray paints, scratches, chemical agents, and others.


How do these films save me money?

According to the Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney General, it costs about $200 million per year to clean up graffiti, and the government spends $5.5 million of that on visual litter.

Save money and energy by applying an anti-graffiti film to walls or windows. When you have this protective layer, you don’t need repairs and replacements or keep hiring cleaning services. You can apply this on advertising displays, building facades and countertops as well, and prevent damage on your other properties.


How do you apply anti-graffiti film on surfaces?

This film is made from special polymers that act as a ‘sacrificial’ surface and absorbs the impact of aerosols and instruments that produce etchings. Also, you apply anti-graffiti film how you apply window tint. The person attaching the film will smooth it onto a surface, wipe away the bubbles, and make sure the adhesive coating stays.

Ensuring that there are no air bubbles is directly related to the ability of anti-graffiti film to protect the area. If you leave bubbles in, it’ll be easy to puncture the coating, which defeats the purpose of having an anti-graffiti layer. If properly applied, this film will be easy to remove and replace.


Is anti-graffiti film protection against broken glass?

Although the film does not stop the breaking, it will hold the pieces together. The anti-graffiti film acts as an additional physical barrier and protection, and it prevents people from getting hurt by the shards. This is one of the most compelling reasons why you should get an anti-graffiti layer for your windows, especially if your establishment serves vulnerable populations like the sick, the elderly, or children.


What should I do when someone vandalises the film?

You can peel off the affected film like you would car tint or stickers. When you do, you’ll find that the layer underneath is undamaged. You might even be able to wipe away graffiti marks on the surrounding areas, depending on the strength of the paint or chemicals used.



When you’re running a business, you want to make sure that your company has its best foot forward for customers. Ensure that you keep your establishment’s professional image by investing in anti-graffiti films. Applying this protective layer is a cost-effective way of deterring vandals, and it also prevents accidents from broken glass or window panes.

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