It is an unfortunate fact that after every year that passes, more and more UV rays from the sun penetrate through the ozone layer. We all do our best to keep ourselves safe from these dangerous rays when outdoors, but many of us forget to do the same when inside our offices. 

If you are concerned about your employee’s health and want to keep them safe from harm, window films are a great solution! Most window films minimise harmful rays that enter through windows. By taking advantage of that and their other benefits, you create a better working environment that promotes productivity, workplace satisfaction, and more.

If you are interested in installing window films in your commercial property to protect your employee’s health, here is how you can do so effectively.


  1. Use them in break rooms

You might already have window films installed on most windows in your business, but you should not forget your break rooms. That is where your employees go to relax and take breaks, and the last thing they want to deal with is glaring light or heat if they sit near the windows. Plus, window films will keep the ambient temperature down, perfect for a comfortable place to recharge.


  1. Install them on large windows

 Your employees can get sunburn working indoors near windows. To make things worse, they are also at risk of skin cancer. If your commercial property has any large windows, remember to put window films on all of them. This will ensure that you minimise the risk of harmful UV exposure to your employees.

Additionally, using window films lets you protect your assets inside the building. UV rays can overheat devices and furniture, shortening their lifespans and negatively affecting their performance. In short, window films let you protect your employees and your assets.


  1. Place them in reception rooms

The sun rises from the east and sets in the west. This means that any room with windows facing these directions will be bombarded with the most amount of UV light.

 One room that might face these directions is your reception area. If this room faces east or west, this means that any customer who enters will be faced with relatively warmer temperatures. This might not be comfortable for them, nor for the employees who are tending to their needs. Additionally, you may have also placed furniture, artwork, and the like to enhance this reception area’s aesthetics.

To ensure that everyone and everything in this area is safe, ensure that you use the right films on the nearby windows.



Window films are an excellent upgrade to any business. Whether you are looking to safeguard your employee’s health or your assets, they can help you achieve your goals and provide you with a comfortable environment.

That said, there are many window film options out there. For instance, some are designed for blocking UV light, while others are made for enhancing privacy. Regardless of what you need, you can identify what type of window film you will need to help achieve your goals by first doing some research.

Cooltone is a provider of window films for security, safety, and decoration. If you are looking for commercial window tinting in Brisbane to protect your employees from the sun, send us a message today!


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