In recent years, the idea of having tinted glass film is more aesthetic than it has ever been since it was invented. Yet, don’t get us wrong, it’s still an upgrade that’s very much functional. 

In the case of homes and businesses all over Australia, window tint has become a crucial fixture of any property’s visual identity because of how the country’s heat makes it mandatory to have a layer of film. Thanks to the improvement and innovation that manufacturers have been putting out, today’s window film has become as beautiful as it is helpful, creating more opportunities for form and function.

Among the different types of window tinting and glass treatment options that manufacturers have produced, there’s one option that continues to stand out among others: Frosted glass. 


What is a frosted glass?

Frosted glass is a tinting or glass treatment that is made by turning a transparent sheet of glass opaque by way of acid etching or sandblasting.

During that process, a sheet of glass experiences continued light scattering until it becomes translucent and it obscures visibility even as it transmits light. For more conventional means, manufacturers—such as Cooltone—provide frosting finishes in a glass form that acts as a stencil on the surface of the glass itself. 


Why should you treat your home’s glass with frosted glass film?

Although many traditionalists like to argue that vinyl or acid-etched frosting finishes are the way to go, their glass counterpart is far more impactful in terms of benefits. If you’re thinking about giving your home or office a new, stylish window treatment that’s as attractive as it is useful, here are three benefits worth considering: 


Benefit #1: It’s unbelievably easy to clean

One of the most significant benefits of getting frosted window film is that it makes it much easier to keep everything clean with a simple wash.

As opposed to bare glass or other types of tinting that require more delicate care or force (depending on what’s being cleaned), frosted glass doesn’t cling onto dust as much. This makes it easier to remove everything with a rinse. Other than effortless cleaning experiences, it’s also worth noting that frosted glass doesn’t streak, so you won’t have to worry about unsightly details after a wash!


Benefit #2: It helps protect your privacy

Another crucial benefit of using a frosted glass film for your home or office’s windows is that you get to improve the overall privacy of your property.

Modern options—such as Cooltone’s glass frosted windows—provide a one-way treatment that prevents outside eyes from peering into your space but still allows you to see what’s going on outside. Once you have a quality product fixed and layered into place, you’re guaranteed to start enjoying more secure experiences at your home or the office in no time!


Benefit #3: It makes your space energy-efficient

Thanks to the internal properties of the chemicals used to make glass frosting, having such an upgrade makes it easier to save on energy by doubling as an insulator. With frosted panes in place, you can cut a chunk on your monthly energy bills by keeping your internal temperature at bay without pushing your HVAC system to the limit!


Among the different ways you can improve your home or commercial space and truly make the most out of it, none are more potentially impactful or effective than a frosted tinting job. Through the help of this attractive upgrade that’s as functional as it is captivating, you can ensure that your window panes and glasses get the TLC that they need!

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