The fact that excessive levels of Ultraviolet rays are bad for humans is nothing new to most Aussies. This is primarily because it’s been taught in school, reiterated in beach signs, and frequently mentioned in articles that we find on the web. 

Today, many of us take lots of time to do everything that we can so that we don’t end up being subject to the sun’s wrath. From applying copious amounts of sunscreen and wearing shades to staying under the shade when walking around, there’s no doubt that the fight against UV rays is ingrained for most of us. 

With all this talk about fighting excessive ultraviolet rays and staying safe amid a stronger sun each year, the chances are that you’ve moved past the noise to the point where you have this question in mind: “How much damage can UV rays inflict?”


How much is too much?

At Cooltone, we’re strong advocates of using all the necessary window tinting services possible to stay protected against the presence of UV rays because of the various adverse effects they bring. If you need a refresher on what types of unfavourable side effects come with UV over-exposure to re-educate yourself on the topic, here are some of the most prevalent ones to watch out for: 


1. Skin Cancer

By far, the most profound effect that high amounts of UV ray exposure can bring about, skin cancer often acts as a deterrent to anyone that’s unwittingly careless about their sun exposure management. 

Seen as the most severe side-effect brought about by excessive sun exposure, UV-induced skin cancer can come in three forms: squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, and melanoma. Taking the fact that each form of skin cancer is painful and potentially life-threatening, it’s safe to say that this is enough to understand why it pays to minimise exposure. Although your body’s system can fight back against such attacks, keep in mind that it cannot repair all of the damage.

2. Eye damage

Apart from your skin, another part of your body that can be severely affected by UV ray overexposure is your eyes.

It’s easy to see why having too much glare in a room can lead to damage in the delicate tissue of the eyes when you consider the potency of ultraviolet rays and their highly-damaging nature. If you want to prevent running issues like cataracts and snow blindness over time within your office, however, then it’s best to treat your windows with layers of Cooltone window film! If computer screens are used heavily in your office space, our window coatings will cut out the glare and reflections to ease the strain on the eye.

3. Photoaging

One of the most significant effects of an over-exposure to ultraviolet rays that is commonly observed is photoaging, which is a condition wherein premature skin aging takes place.

When your skin is exposed to an excessive amount of UV rays frequently, you’re bound to run into various problems along the way such as wrinkles, brown spots, and sagging skin. Such effects typically take place because the harshness of the light cuts right into the collagen and skin tissue to accelerate signs of aging!



Although the sun’s rays are a significant part of what makes Queensland the sunny city that it’s known for, the immense amount of UV rays that come with it pose a large deal of unwanted side-effects. With the help of this guide, you can stay on your toes and be well-aware of the different threats that you can run into so that you keep yourself safe at all times!

We’re a leading supplier of window tinting in Brisbane to enhance the security, style and safety of your property. Get in touch with our experts at Cooltone today to see how we can help!

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