One of the many things you’ll hear when finishing a house or opening up an office is how important and advantageous it is to have a window tint. For a homeowner or a building owner, it can be confusing. Are window tints a property must-have? Will your home or office survive without it?

For decision-making on something as big as installing a tint for your residence or commercial property, doing your research can help. Read about window tints or ask people about it so that you can gauge whether it is the right one for you. However, in this process, you can’t help but learn so much about the product. This information can be confusing, especially if you encounter misconceptions and truths.

In this article, let us help you distinguish the truth from not in these five myths about window films.


Myth 1: Window film is not long-lasting

Commercial window films, depending on your provider, usually have a warranty of up to 15 years. Their lifespan depends on several factors—what type of window glass you have, what film type you chose, what kind of window construction you have, where your building is located, who installed the window film, and more.

In general, window films last for more than their given warranty years. Providers also offer warranties for other issues your film might encounter, such as peeling, cracking, bubbling, rippling, and so on.

Window film will last long as long as it is if it’s of good quality, maintained well, and installed correctly. To know the best film for your windows, consult with an experienced window tint provider.


Myth 2: Window film is your solution for storm protection

Films on window improve your window’s strength through the following benefits:

  • Films hold the glass together, making it less prone to shattering.
  • It helps block strong wind from entering the building.
  • It is strong enough to obstruct any physical damage to the windows.

However, it is not the sole protection for any storm. It can help limit the damage caused by a hurricane, but not as much defence as shutters can provide. Your window units and glasses could still break in case of intense storms. Moreover, using a window film does not mean your insurance provider would give you a hurricane mitigation discount.


Myth 3: Window films can’t help deter thief/intruders

Having window films will not scare away any intruders from entering your property. However, they can help delay it from happening. Because window films hold your glass firmly together, it is not that easy to shatter. When a thief attempts to break your window glass or glass door, it would require them great strength or the right equipment before they succeed.

Window films cannot promise that your house or building will be free from any intruder attempts, but it can make them reconsider their actions.

Myth 4: Window films can’t help keep your furniture from fading

Fading of furniture happens naturally because of several factors. The room’s temperature, the chemicals from other furniture, and the visible light all take part in the furniture’s colour changes. However, window film can help block up to 99 per cent of ultraviolet rays that contribute to the colour fading too. When it comes to preventing your furniture from fading, window films can help do that.


Myth 5: Films can’t help you save up financially

Here is how the films work: when the weather is cold outside, the film helps retain heat inside which can help you save on the heating cost. When it is hot outside, the film helps block the solar heat that comes into your home. It helps normalise the temperature inside a room that allows you to increase your energy savings.



Having tinted windows for both home and office bring many benefits to your property. Aside from acting as protection from harmful sun rays and wind, it helps increase the comfort, safety, and security of everyone inside. If any of these are your priorities, consider investing in one.

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