These days, windows have been modernised into sleek designs that feature clean lines and flat surfaces. This is a striking contrast to old glass windows, which usually stand out due to their wavy characteristics.

If you have an old glass window, consider yourself lucky. Even though the images behind the glass may seem distorted, it is not a sign of damage. Instead, the waviness has something to do with the manufacturing process back in the days.

In any case, it is possible to tint old glass windows is possible, but there are a few things that you first need to know:


2 Types of Old Glass Windows

In the 19th century, there were two types of glass used for windows:


1. Crown Glass

Crown glass is an early type of glass that features a circular shape. It is made in front of a furnace to keep the glass hot and fluid for easy forming. Manufacturing crown glass involves blowing and spinning. However, the popularity of crown glass quickly faded because of its awkward nature, which paved the way for cylinder glass.


2. Cylinder Glass

Cylinder glass is similar to a drinking glass today, yet it comes with ripples and waves. Back in the old days, cylinder glass was manufactured in a cylindrical shape and in glass sheets. It became popular because it can accommodate larger window panes, which eliminated the need for crown glass pieces.

If you are still using an old glass window today, it’s easy to think that it is damaged due to its wavy features. The thing is, it’s not. The waviness is part of its natural charm that it takes from the ancient days. In fact, a lot of people enjoy the unique designs and patterns of old glass windows because they tend to stand out.


Window Tinting For Old Glass

If you want to breathe new life into your old glass windows, the best way to do so is through window tinting. Window tints can add several benefits to your window. For one, it can improve the energy efficiency in your house without having to replace your old windows. This is because window tints today are capable of reducing the amount of heat that escapes through the windows, which in turn, will help you save more money on your electricity bills.

Another great thing about window tinting an old glass window is that it will improve its appearance. It’s the perfect way to spice things up. You can get window tints with designs, such as custom graphics, colours, or you can even get yourself a mirrored film—whatever floats your boat!

You also get to improve the safety of your old glass windows. Even though its wavy feature doesn’t compromise its strength, you could always do with additional safety in your house. A window film will reduce the chances of it shattering and protect against injury should the glass be broken. At the same time, it will make it hard for passersby to see through the windows, and that gives you an extra layer of privacy.



The wavy appearance of old glass doesn’t mean that it’s damaged. It is only a result of the manufacturing process from the early days. Instead of having your windows replaced, applying tint will help save you more money and improve the aesthetics of your windows.

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