What can you do to make sure that your skin stays healthy? There are plenty of ways to do so, and one of which is to avoid the UV rays of the sun that can cause damages to your skin. Unfortunately, this might not be an option for everyone. Unless you wake up and slather yourself with sunscreen every day every hour, you’re not going to avoid UV rays altogether.

That said, you might be wondering whether you’re safe inside your home from the UV rays. After all, the windows are still letting in light into the rooms, meaning that UV rays are also getting in. Let’s find out below.


Ultraviolet Rays

First, let’s talk about UV rays. About 95 per cent of the UV light that reaches the Earth is called UVA, and the other 5 per cent is called UVB. There is another ray called UVC, but this doesn’t reach the Earth’s surface.

Because UVA makes up for most of the UV rays that reach the earth, you might think that they are the leading cause of skin aging faster than they should. Well, you are thinking correctly. UVA has also been tied to cancer development. UVB, on the other hand, is what causes sunburn. While they might show up in small amounts, they are much more potent in terms of energy. These rays can also cause skin cancer, such as melanoma.


Blocking UV Rays with Windows

Do your windows block UV rays? Simply put, it does, but not all of them. The typical window glass can block approximately 70 per cent of UVA rays passing through it, while most, if not all, windows block all the UVB rays. What does this mean to you? Other than the fact that no UVB rays are entering your home, UVA rays are still getting to your skin, causing unwanted damage. So, if you have untreated windows installed at home, you are at risk of skin damages from UVA rays.

Treating Your Windows to Block UV Rays

 Knowing that standard windows do not block all the UV rays, the best thing you can do is to utilise window films.

Window films, especially ceramic ones, can block up to 99 per cent of UV rays entering your home. At the same time, they can block half of all infrared light, meaning that your home ends up being much cooler. They do so without having to darken your windows, so you can still enjoy all the light without the damaging aspects of it.


Wrapping Up

If you don’t have window films installed on your windows, it’s about time to have them. They’re an excellent investment that, if installed correctly, will last an extremely long time. Not only will they keep your skin safe from getting damaged by UV rays, but they will also provide plenty of other benefits, such as cooling your house done and enhancing your home’s security. In other words, window films will keep you and your home safe and secure, as well as your wallet!

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