Vandalism on company grounds is a common frustration for many business owners. Getting rid of graffiti and vandalism can be costly, not to mention a lot of hassle. After cleaning up one incident, another one appears on your walls and windows. There are safeguarding solutions, such as lighting up the property, CCTV monitoring, or putting up high decorative hedges, to discourage the vandalizing intruders. However, despite these efforts, some intruders still find ways to create yet another graffiti.

To help you find the right solution for your business, we listed below a few strategies on how to prevent graffiti and vandalism in your establishment.


Install Graffiti-Preventing Film

An anti-graffiti film is an invisible film that can protect your glass windows or walls from tagging and damage. With a special adhesive, professionals can easily remove the layer containing the graffiti and vandalism. A new layer can thereafter be applied to provide better protection, as well as a cleaner look for your establishment’s external surfaces. It can be installed on your exterior surfaces, such as glass and stainless steel.


Install Impact Protection Features

On top of applying the anti-graffiti film, it is best to add another feature to get the utmost protection for your walls and windows. An impact protection feature is a good addition to anti-graffiti film since it increases the durability of the glass surface. This will save you from high maintenance costs because of possible glass replacement. The powerful impact protection can also save you from potential break-ins as it makes the glass harder to break than regular surfaces. It is even durable enough to withstand blasts from explosions or high-magnitude earthquakes.


Apply Graffiti Preventing Coatings

There are various paints and coatings available to help prevent tagging on a wall. These preventive coatings provide a good economical solution to prevent spray paint from adhering to the surface of the glass. This takes away the chance of intruders to create another graffiti on your premises. You can choose between three products that have different features, such as permanent, sacrificial, and semi-sacrificial.

A permanent shield can completely protect your establishment’s exterior from spray paint. Meanwhile, a sacrificial coat provides a layer that can be removed easily if vandalised. Then, a semi-sacrificial coating works as a primer that protects the pores of the surface of the glass or steel.


Provide a Variety of Barriers

A simpler method for protecting your business establishment from vandalism is providing a variety of barriers on your premises. You can add barriers in the form of dense foliage, such as shrubs or hedges. Not only will they shield your property from the public eye, but they will also look pleasing to the eye of customers or clients. You may also opt to design your gates or fences. Through this, vandals will not even attempt to climb over your high fences. This will save you from repairing the vandalism or other damage caused by intruders.



A great way to ensure that no graffiti and vandalism ruin the exterior of your business establishment is graffiti-preventing film. If you’re looking for an anti-graffiti film in Brisbane, get in touch with Cooltone today. We’ll be happy to help!

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