Whether at home, at work, or in the car, window film is a great asset. If you are looking to getting film for your windows, you’d definitely want to get your money’s worth out of them. Our window film is of excellent quality and made to last, but even so, there are some things you can do to make sure that your film lasts you as long as possible. Let’s take a look:

How to clean tinted windows

After your window tint is installed, you need to wait for it to cure. This may take anywhere from a week to a month, depending on factors such as the weather and the window film itself. It’s considered normal for some blurriness and bubbles to occur during this time, but it should all clear up by the time it’s finished curing.

Purchase a rubber squeegee, a soft lint-free cloth, and window tint-friendly cleaner, avoiding anything that contains vinegar or ammonia. If you don’t want to buy cleaner, you can also use a mixture of gentle soap and water.

When you clean your windows, apply a little bit of your cleaning solution on to the window surface, wiping it with your cloth. Then, mist the window again and use your squeegee to clean the glass horizontally from the top to the bottom. Wipe off any residue on the window frame.

Sometimes there’s adhesive or other sticky residue from things being stuck to the window. To clean this off, use a soft cotton ball or pad with a little bit of acetone. This won’t hurt the film but will make getting the residue off easy. Wipe the window clean again afterwards.

Things to do when cleaning window film

As you clean window film, use a cleaner that is safe for window tint. For car windows, you can clean normally without taking any extra measures because tint is usually applied to the interior surface. Remember to use a soft cloth and squeegee, and if you aren’t sure what cleaning solution to use, consult your window film installer.

Things to avoid when cleaning window film

Avoid ammonia and other strong chemicals when choosing window cleaner. Don’t clean your windows immediately after installation – give it time to cure. If it’s your car windows being tinted, don’t roll them down for at least a week. Finally, avoid using any cleaning equipment that could scrape or damage your tint – abrasive cleaners or hard squeegees, for example.

Select the best tint for the longest lifespan

The most important thing you can do to enjoy a long lifespan of your window tint is to invest in film of great quality and have a professional installer apply it to your windows.

The window that we provide is outstanding, and of superior quality to our competitors. They are less prone to bubbling and wearing out. Plus, the colour of the tint is sure to last.

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