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    Cooltone have partnered with Crime Stoppers QLD as a crime prevention supporter. Our Safety and Security Glass and Window Films range are available to prevent unlawful entry into your home or place of business.

CRIME STOPPERS QLD + Community Safety + Home Security + COOLTONE

Cooltone has partnered with Crime Stoppers QLD as a crime prevention supporter.

Crime Stoppers is a community crime solving and prevention service that involves a partnership between the registered charity Crime Stoppers Queensland Limited (Crime Stoppers), the Queensland Police Service, the media and the public.

Queensland is one of the most decentralised states in Australia with a widely dispersed population. The Crime Stoppers program provides an avenue for the community as a whole to assist police to solve crimes and ultimately make our State a safer place.

Crime Stoppers Queensland Limited is a registered charity and community volunteer organisation, led by a volunteer Board of Directors who take great pride in the achievements of the program whilst leading, managing and coordinating strategic planning and performance.

The Vision of Crime Stoppers Queensland Limited is a safe empowered and engaged community.

Queensland is unique to most other Australian States and Territories in that the program is supported by local Volunteer Area Committees. Queensland’s’ continued success is due to the commitment of all of our Volunteer members.

Crime Stoppers purpose is to engage the community, to encourage the provision of information that supports the Queensland Police Service and other community agencies, in solving and preventing crime.  The information collected is passed to the police.

In 2015, Crime Stoppers Queensland established a self-managed contact centre, thereby building further independence in the process of gathering anonymous intelligence information about suspicious or criminal activity from the community.

This step has allowed Crime Stoppers to form new meaningful relationships with external organisations that may assist the organisation to continue its valuable community service into the future.

The partnership with Cooltone and other local businesses across Queensland is a perfect example of how Crime Stoppers QLD capacity to partner with private enterprise to increase community safety and help reduce crimes committed in our local communities.

Did you know…


66% of captured unlawful entry detainees said they would break a window to gain entry to a property.

1 in 5

Home’s in Australia will fall victim to unlawful entry over the course of time.


Is the current Australian national average of Break and Enters on homes, this on par with the US and above the international average of 1.8%.


Of burglaries take less than 5 minutes to gain entry into your home or office.

Safety and Security Window Film is a great deterrent to stop intruders.

Cooltone have been working the window films and adhesives for over 20 years, supplying and installing high quality safety and security films to homes offices and shops during the time.

We understand the impact these films have to deter intruders from gaining unlawful entry. Our highly trained professionals are skilled in the correct use and application fo these products to ensure that they are most effective in limiting the ability of criminals to gain entry into a home or office or place of business.

The below video demonstrates the effectiveness of a correctly installed safety and security film.

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