Window tints add a layer of security while they also give your house or business added daytime privacy. The benefits of window tinting are both functional and comfort, window tinting is a valuable investment for your home, office or business. 

However, an improperly installed tint can ruin the view from your home or car. Here are a few things to look out for to avoid common window tint problems: 

1) Bubbles

The most common window tint mistake is the bubbles you’ll find in your window tint. Having a few bubbles here and there might not affect the look of your tint, but it could also mean that your tint isn’t properly embedded in the window.

For window films that are supposed to be embedded in the glass, the bubbles that you see on the surface of the glass could be an indication that the tint isn’t giving your window the protection it should. 

2) Uneven Spaces

Another common window tint mistake would be uneven spaces between the window tint and the edges of the vehicle or glass. The installer is supposed to make sure that there are no spaces between the two.

A space between the tint and the glass could mean that it’s not secure or that the window tint isn’t properly embedded.

3) Not Sticking Properly

A good window tint will stick to the glass and stay in place. When the window tint doesn’t stick to the window, you can see it peel off, just like when you peel an adhesive sticker off its container.

Peeling window tints can be annoying, especially when they peel off while you’re trying to remove them. It can also be a safety hazard if the tint peels off while you’re driving, exposing the window to pedestrians.

4) Discolouration

If the tint looks blotchy and uneven, it means that the installer didn’t spray the tint evenly on the glass. This is a common problem when the installer doesn’t have the right tools or when the tint isn’t the right tint for the glass.

When window tinting is done on the surface of the glass, the tint should be sprayed evenly on the glass so it doesn’t look uneven. Professional window tinting can fix this problem if it’s caused by an installation error. But if the tint wasn’t the right colour for the glass, you’ll need to get a new tint.

5) Improper Temperature Regulation

The main function of window tint is to protect your car’s interior from the sun’s rays and heat. If you see that the tint is coming off the car, it means that the window tint is not properly embedded in the glass.

Before you replace the window tint, check if the adhesive is worn out. Some window tints have a warranty that covers replacement and repair, so you can simply contact the tint installer for help.


If you have the right window tint for your property, it can give your house or business a unique look, while providing the security and protection you want. 

Ensure that your window tint is properly installed and working effectively with Cooltone. We offer glass tinting in Brisbane to make sure your buildings, homes and vehicles are safe from direct sunlight. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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