Power conservation is such a priority among emerging technologies for residential and commercial establishments today. A recent survey in Queensland alone shows that an average home has power consumption costs of more than $1,600 annually.

For these reasons alone, energy-efficient building materials are now in high demand, including reflective window films. If you are looking for residential window tinting worth your investment, heat reflective window film is your best option.

We’ve put together six advantages that you will enjoy with heat reflective window films. Keep reading to find out more:

Preserved Home Warmth

The term “heat reflective window film” may imply that it is just good for keeping your home cool. However, it can also function in reverse, especially for certain places that have bitterly cold winters.

Window tinting film will work as an insulator, allowing your home to retain heat. Heat reflective window film will keep your family comfortable while also lowering your energy costs.

Reduced Energy Costs

In 2019, the average energy bill in Queensland was $1,608.76. If you reside somewhere where summer temperatures reach 90-100 degrees, that average may seem high. Your HVAC system accounts for up to 47% of that usage, so cooling your home could be expensive! Heating and cooling your home can be made more efficient by using heat reflective window film.

This coating can also help screen the light, allowing you to keep that expensive cold air for longer. An air conditioner can last 10 to 15 years with regular use. With residential window tinting, your air conditioner works less complicated, giving you more years of service!

Reduced Risk of Skin Cancer

Long-term sun exposure increases the risk of skin cancer regardless of ethnicity, but staying inside doesn’t always protect you from the sun. While skin cancer can develop with little to no sun exposure, daily exposure to an unprotected window increases the risk. Sun exposure can cause painful sunburns, wrinkles, and accelerated aging.

Inside your house, you are unlikely to use sunglasses, increasing your risk of eye damage. Heat reflective window film protects your skin and eyesight. With heat reflective window film, sun exposure is lessened, and you’ll maintain your skin looking young and healthy!

Optimised Natural Light

Natural light can help you save energy by reducing the need for needless lamps and overhead lights. If you don’t have window curtains, letting in natural light can reveal your daily routine to your neighbours.

Unfortunately, window coverings are costly to install, can block light and views, and must be updated regularly to be trendy. Residential window tint film can replace blinds while still providing seclusion and style.

No Faded Floors and Furniture

The sun has been known to bleach various materials like cloth, leather, stained wood, and anything with a hint of colour, including your beautiful hardwood floors and well-designed furniture!

While window treatments can help protect your investments from the sun, they must be kept closed, which reduces the amount of natural light available to you. You should install a heat reflective window film to protect your furniture and flooring without sacrificing sunlight.

Shatter-resistant Windows

Trees, youngsters, unsecured things, or a strong storm can all break windows. However, heat reflective window film will keep the window from shattering.

Heat reflective window tint will protect your family from shattering windows and keep your home dry as the storm rages. If a window is damaged by debris, the tinted film may minimise initial breaking, saving you money on replacements or shattering.


If you haven’t already noticed, installing heat reflective window film in your home will allow you to save money in various areas. Reduced cooling and heating costs, less medical expenditures, and no need for window treatments or replacement furniture all add up to a lot of extra money in your budget!

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