In today’s modern world, there are many people trying to do the same thing. Whether you sell a product or provide a service, there is usually at least one other business doing or selling the same thing. Your point of difference usually then comes down to your quality or the way you interact with customers. 

As you compete with other businesses, signage is one of the best ways to bring your business and brand to life. There are a multitude of ways that signage can communicate with your customers, better than you verbally can.


1. Creates brand consistency

Any business starts with a logo. This logo begins from a concept that represents your business and is then transformed to visually communicate those principles. This visual communication comes from colours, symbols and layouts to create a brand. Your ability to keep this branding consistent across all avenues of the business will determine whether your brand sticks in your target audience’s mind or not.

Creating signage that is consistent with your brand will help with recognition in your consumer’s awareness set. Whenever customers see your signage, the brand will be alive within their mind. This can only be achieved through consistent branding.


2. Communicates brand messages

Signage is part of your branding efforts. Signage takes your colours, symbols and layouts, then creates a visual identity that communicates with viewers. Regardless of what your sale, promotion or message is, using your branding will bring your communication to life. 

There are many different ways you can lay out the design elements of your brand to portray different emphasis on various messages. Signage gives you the opportunity to create messages in line with your brand so it appears as though your brand is the one speaking. A brand is just a concept until you put it into action. Signage gives your brand the chance to create a whole encompassing message.


3. Creates the whole picture

Modern day signage means there is a creative way to communicate everything. Full signage fit outs in any store, showroom, office etc, will extend your brand past a logo. It will create a whole ambiance and experience for your consumer that is entirely brand consuming. 

An entire fit out means all your branded colours, symbols and layouts will fill an entire space. When a customer walks through that space physically or mentally, they are bombarded with ques and messages that communicate your brand. Smaller and discrete symbols help communicate the overall message and will play on all of your customers’ visual, cognitive and physical senses.


4. Increases sales and business

Signage for your business does not only need to be at your physical location. Signs can direct people there, be placed in digital spaces that relate to your brand values or be in an area where your customer spends their time. Whether it’s a promotion, sale or general sign signifying where your business is, your customer will recognise the business when they see it multiple times.

Your customer is more likely to purchase from you when they are looking for a particular service/product you have or are persuaded by your brand to purchase something. Signage gives the viewer a push to look in your store, check out your product, review your service or take some sort of guided action. Without signage, your customer is relying on their own knowledge of your business, service or product to find you. Signage makes it easier for your current or potential customers to know what’s going on in your business and interact with you. 



Quality signage is the final touch your business needs to persuade viewers of your sign to interact with you. A terribly designed or printed graphic may deter your customer as it’s a visual cue of the output from your business. Cooltone have been working in the signage industry for 40 years and are knowledgeable in the process, techniques and products needed for a high quality sign. Speak to the team about how they can bring your brand to life with high quality signage.

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