Break-ins are always a scary experience, and what’s even more chilling to see is how the burglar attempted to get into your household. Almost half of the homeowners who experienced break-ins say that doors and windows were tampered with—making one of the most effective ways to ensure safety for your home the installation of a window film for security. 

Here’s everything you need to know if you’re considering maintaining your privacy and security with the right security films:


All About Window Security Films

Window security films are sheets that fit over your windows to strengthen them further, protecting both yourself and the glass from breakage. They are meant to provide protection against accidental breakage or burglary. These also enhance your windows by turning them into a sort of safety glass that cracks in one piece rather than shattering into a thousand dangerous shards. 

Films that are used for both commercial window tinting and residential window tinting are made of several polyester layers with varying thicknesses that can range from four to fifteen millimetres. Thicker films will give a glass more strength and are ideal for security purposes, while thinner films are more suited for UV protecting, insulation, and window tinting. 

Manufacturers for glass security film create robust films up to eight millimetres thick using nano-technology, offering homeowners and business owners some of the best security measures—even enough to withstand explosions in some cases!


What Are the Benefits? 

Security glass films have additional benefits, such as protecting you and your home from the elements, natural disasters, break-ins, and more. Some can block out UV rays and insulate your home or establishment, and they come in many different designs to ensure that your windows look stylish and sleek while being protected. 

Here are some of the benefits of choosing security films for your home’s windows:


Added Privacy

Tinted security film varieties can add extra security by preventing burglars from scoping out your home and figuring out the best route to take once they’ve broken in. These are also ideal for maintaining your privacy against nosy neighbours and strangers.


Temperature Control

Regulating the temperature in your home is also possible with tinted window films, as it blocks out direct sunlight. It works both ways during hot and cold seasons by insulating your home during the winter and keeping out the warmth during the summer.  


Shatterproof Windows

Shatterproof features are another great feature of glass security films that prevent windows from being a hazard in the event of breakage. Should an accident occur or if bad weather shatters a window coated in security film, it won’t break into shards that are impossible to clean up and can cause a hazard for anybody in the building. 



People also choose these types of window films to change up the look of their home or business establishment. Tinted windows can make your home look more put together as you can make your exterior match the colour of the windows. This is a great way to change up your home’s design and still get the security and privacy benefits.

Discrete Protection 

Window security films are virtually unnoticeable, even at their thickest. While it gives you and your family all the necessary protection, it can be unobtrusive to the outside view and won’t make a room look unattractive. 


The Bottom Line: Is Installing Glass Security Film Worth It? 

Whether you decide to get window security film for your privacy and safety, its temperature regulation properties, or to update the design of your house, it’s an investment worth making. There’s no harm in being as safe as you can these days—and the right glass security film can help you achieve that, and, more importantly, give you some peace of mind!

Looking for the best glass tinting solutions for your home or business requires the work of specialists—such as our staff in Cooltone! We provide films for safety, security, solar, and decorative purposes. Contact us for a quote today!

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