People have the wrong notion that taking on a DIY home window tinting project themselves will save them money. While installing window tinting on your own may be a good learning experience, it may be counterproductive and not worth it. There are a few reasons you may want to take a step back and let the professionals handle the application of your window tint.


Why Doing Your Own Residential Window Tinting Is A Bad Idea

You may think that you are saving money by doing the work yourself. However, there is proof that hiring a professional to have your window tint installed is a much better option.


1 – No Warranty

Not many people realise that they will not be able to claim any warranty if they choose to do the work themselves. They will have spent the better part of a day on a task that is not easy, and in the end, they will not have a warranty for their window tinting if something goes wrong.


2 – It Is Not An Easy Task

A lot of people fail to realise how much work they will have to do when applying their own window tint. Depending on how many windows the house has, as well as the size of each window, there is a lot of hard work to be done.


3 – The Quality Is Different

The quality of DIY window tint is much lower than if you have it professionally installed. If you opt to have your window tint installed by a professional, you will be assured of good quality as well as have the job done for you.


4 – A Professional’s Work Will Look Much Better

No matter how much effort you put into it, your work may not be at par with what you can pay a professional to do. Your tint may end up misaligned, or worse, you may have air bubbles forming because of improper application. This is why it is better to leave the work to the professionals. 


5 – You Will Waste So Much Time

People who install their own window tints will spend a lot of time on getting the job done. This is because, for most people, it will be their first time to do so. This is a tedious task that will take up time and effort. Professionals already know how to install window tint, so it may not take them as long. The work that they do will be guaranteed to look great because they have already put tint on windows countless times before. 



While you may save some money by installing your own window tint, this is generally not a good idea. If you do not do the job well, you will end up being dissatisfied after you’ve finished. This will lead you to replace the tint or call a professional to step in and do the job anyway. You will have spent much more money than if you had initially called a professional in the first place. 

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